Where is Medi Abalimba now? | The Con Artist featured in The Football Fraudster

Where is Medi Abalimba now?

Currently streaming on ITVX and Netflix is The Football Fraudster, a new documentary that examines the web of lies spun by former Derby County football player Medi Abalimba after his career on the field was cut short. 

Featuring interviews with some of the victims he defrauded as well as a forensic psychologist who tries to explain the motives for his crimes, the documentary sheds light on this seemingly kind-hearted and generous man who turned out to be a duplicitous criminal.

In this article, we briefly discuss this football fraudster’s crimes and ask the question: Where is Medi Abalimba now?

Who is Medi Abalimba?

Medi Abalimba was once a promising football player, earning thousands of pounds a week while playing for Derby County and other teams.

He had trials for various Premiere League teams, including Manchester United, but due to lack of discipline and commitment, he slipped down the leagues and his football career came to an end. 

Instead of resigning himself to the possibility that he would no longer earn big money, he decided to continue his extravagent lifestyle through fraudulent behaviour.

What did Medi Abalimba do?

Abalimba took on a range of different identities to ingratiate himself into the lives of his victims before stealing their credit card information to gain access to high end bars and hotels and to purchase the luxurious items he wanted. 

One person he pretended to be was Chelsea footballer Gael Kakuta. Under this guise, he swindled huge amounts of money from various women, including former Love Island celebrity Georgia Steel.

In 2014, Abalimba was caught out when Greater Manchester Police were alerted by a suspicious Selfridges employee who didn’t trust his claims that he had forgotten his credit card when trying to purchase thousands of pounds worth of clothes. 

That year, he was given a 4-year prison sentence for fraud and other offences related to his dishonesty.

On his release from prison in 2018, Abalimba continued to defraud others, including Georgia Steele, who lost approximately £32,000 to the fraudster.

In September 2019, he was arrested for fraud again but was released on bail. But after breaching his bail conditions, he was put behind bars. At the time, he was dating Claire Henry, the former wife of Thierry Henry, who believed he was a US Navy Seal and that he had gone to Kuwait on military service when he was actually serving his time in prison.

In 2021 after admitting 15 further counts of fraud, Abalimba was given another 4-year prison sentence. 

Where is Medi Abalimba now?

Medi Abalimba was released from prison in 2023 but as to where he is now, we can’t be sure.

One thing we do know is that Abalimba didn’t give up his life of crime after his release. According to the Daily Mail, he was sighted in Malaga earlier this year where it’s claimed he tried to steal money from an American nurse’s credit card. 

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