What happened to Lucrecia Pérez? | The Hate Crime Victim featured in Lucrecia: A Murder In Madrid

What happened to Lucrecia Pérez?

Dominican immigrant Lucrecia Pérez was murdered on November 13, 1992, in a wealthy suburb in Madrid. She is now the subject of the new Disney+ documentary Lucrecia: A Murder in Madrid which takes a look at the events leading up to her death. 

In this article, we take a look back at the shocking murder of Lucrecia Pérez – a killing that many have referred to as Spain’s first hate crime.

Who was Lucrecia Pérez?

Lucrecia Pérez was a Dominican immigrant who was murdered in Spain in November 1992.

Earlier that year, at the age of 33, she left her husband and daughter behind in the Dominican village of Vicente Noble with the intent of building a better life for herself and her family in Spain.

Sadly, Lucrecia didn’t live long enough to see her dreams of a happy future come true. 

What happened to Lucrecia Pérez?

After moving to Spain, Lucrecia quickly found a job in Madrid as a housekeeper for a family with three children. Unfortunately, her employment didn’t last long as her employers didn’t think she was very good at her job.

20 days after securing her job role she found herself jobless and living on the streets after being fired. 

A little while later, she took refuge in an abandoned nightclub where she lived with other immigrants who had also found themselves homeless.

Not long after Lucrecia moved into this ‘squat house,’ a group of Neo-Nazis entered the building led by a rogue Spanish civil guard. The gang, some of whom were only teenagers, began to shoot randomly at the immigrants. Two of them were injured but Lucrecia was killed in the hate-fuelled attack. 

Miguel Ramos, a Spanish journalist who studied hate crimes, said Lucrecia was killed “because she was poor, she was black, and she was an immigrant.” (source)

Those who killed Lucrecia were eventually caught and given lengthy life sentences for their terrible crime. This is but small compensation for the loss of a woman who was a loving wife and mother with so much to live for. 

What happened after Lucrecia’s murder?

The Spanish public was outraged at what happened to Lucrecia, as were members of the media who reported on the hate crime and brought the discussion of racism into people’s homes. 

The consequences of this? Action!

While the murder of Lucrecia didn’t erase racism in Spain, it did instigate a change in laws related to hate crimes, and it inspired some Spaniards to create organizations that helped the immigrant people. Some of these groups are still in existence today.

So, while Lucrecia’s death was a tragic one, it at least inspired others to rise up to make sure nobody else has to suffer the terrible fate that she fell victim to. 


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