Where is Lewis Daynes now? | The Teenage Murderer featured in A Killer Makes A Call

Where is Lewis Daynes now?

The crime documentary series A Killer Makes A Call, shines a sinister spotlight on those killers who were arrested after making a 999 call.

Episode 4 of the series focuses on Lewis Daynes who, at the age of 18, called 999 to tell police he had stabbed and killed a 14-year-old boy named Breck Bednar.

In this article, we briefly outline this true crime case and ask the question: Where is Lewis Daynes now?

What did Lewis Daynes do?

On 17 February 2014, Lewis Daynes, an unemployed computer engineer, murdered 14-year-old Breck Bednar after luring the boy to his flat in Grays, Essex.

Breck told his parents he was going to stay with a friend near their home in Caterham, Surrey. However, he secretly travelled to see Daynes after talking to him on an online gaming forum.

Sadly, Breck didn’t see his parents again. When he arrived at the flat, Daynes used duct tape to bind him before slashing his throat. Daynes then sent pictures of Breck’s body to at least two people and circulated news of his death online. 

The precise details of what else happened in the flat are unclear. However, there was some evidence of sexual activity. 

Following the murder, Daynes showered and changed his clothes and then called 999, telling police that he and Breck had got into an altercation and that only one of them had come out alive. (source)

When the police arrived at Dayne’s home, they discovered Breck’s body in the bedroom. They also found Daynes’ computer equipment which had been submerged in water to destroy evidence.

What happened to Lewis Daynes?

Lewis Daynes appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court in January 2015.

The court heard how Daynes had groomed Breck Bednar through an online community that was dedicated to such war games as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Simon Mayo QC, defending Daynes, told the court the defendant had Asperger’s Syndrome which “affects his ability to make sound judgements.”

He added that Daynes didn’t accept his behaviour had been sexual or sadistic and said:

“There is insufficient evidence for the court to conclude that there was a significant degree of premeditation and planning for murder.”(source)

The defence wasn’t enough to save Daynes from prison. On January 12, 2015, Daynes was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years.

Passing sentence, Mrs Justice Cox told him:

“Having lured the young victim to your flat, you murdered him. You had befriended Breck and a number of other adolescent friends through an online community.

Your contact with Breck increased in a sinister way. The precise details of what happened in your flat are unclear and may never be known. I’m sure that this murder was driven by sadistic or sexual motivation.”

Where is Lewis Daynes now?

Lewis Daynes is still behind bars which is where he will remain for the duration of his prison term.


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