Where is Levi Bellfield Now? | The True Story of the Bus Stop Killer

Levi Bellfield is an English murderer and rapist who killed at least three girls in a two-year run as a sex offender. Nicknamed the Bus Stop Killer, Levi Bellfield targeted unsuspecting strangers who didn’t have anything to do with the world of crime.  The man went down in the annals of British crime history as the only man to receive a dual whole life sentence.

What Was Levi Bellfield’s Childhood Like?

Levi Bellfield had a rough start. He was only 10 years of age when his father passed away due to leukaemia. Bellfield chose hatred pretty early on in life. As per Dr Eric Cullen, ”When he was 12 or 13 he befriended an older girl who was blonde, older and superior… They developed a relationship but she rejected him.” That might be the reason why Bellfield only targeted young blonde women.

Who Did Levi Bellfield Kill?

Though Bellfield could only be linked to three murders, investigators and experts believe the real toll could be way higher. His victims include 13-year old, 19-year old, and 22-year old girls who were all violently beaten to death. In addition, he assaulted and attempted to murder many more girls.

How Was Levi Bellfield Caught?

Levi Bellfield was always on the police’s radar due to his extensive crime record. He was eventually captured on suspicion of murder of one of the girls. Subsequently, he was charged with rape, assault, and two counts of murder. Cases got piled up supported by strong physical evidence, and Levi Bellfield was handed two whole life sentences.

Where Is Levi Bellfield Now?

Levi Bellfield has been incarcerated in HM Prison Frankland. He will likely live out the remainder of his life behind bars. 

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