Did Kirk Turner murder his wife? | The unfaithful husband featured on Kill or Be Killed

Did Kirk Turner murder his wife?

Kill or Be Killed is a crime documentary series that shines the spotlight on killers who claimed they murdered their victims in self-defence.

One man featured on the programme is Kirk Turner, a wealthy dentist who killed his wife with a pocket knife after she impaled him with a 7-foot spear. 

Kirk claimed his attack was in self-defence. But could it be that she was the victim of cold-blooded murder?

Let’s take a look at this case.

When did Kirk Turner kill his wife?

Kirk Turner killed his wife Jennifer on September 12, 2007, at their home in the town of Mocksville, South Carolina. The police were alerted to what happened by Greg Smithson, a friend of the Turner’s who called 911 and told authorities the pair had been injured. 

When the police arrived on the scene, they found Jennifer, who was being given CPR by Greg. Medical personnel took over from Greg and tried to resuscitate Jennifer, who had been stabbed in her throat. Unfortunately, they were unable to save her. They then turned to Kirk who had applied a tourniquet to his leg. He was severely wounded but he survived his injuries.

How did Kirk Turner kill his wife?

Kirk stabbed his wife in the throat with his pocket knife. When speaking to police, he told them it was in self-defence. 

He said Jennifer had attacked him with a spear and stabbed him in the area just below his groin. In fear for his life, he slashed her throat with the knife that he allegedly always carried around with him.

Why did Kirk fight with his wife?

In the run-up to Jennifer’s death, the couple were living apart as a result of Jennifer discovering Kirk was having an affair. 

Kirk moved out of their home in 2006 but on the day of Jennifer’s death, he called back to the house with Greg to collect some tools. 

While in the workshop, the conversation between Kirk and Jennifer got heated. This was when Jennifer attacked him with the spear. We don’t know what their conversation was about but as there was already friction between the two, it’s likely one or both of them were in a volatile state when Kirk arrived at the house.

Did Kirk Turner murder his wife?

Kirk killed his wife, which is something he never denied. But could the killing be described as murder?

Blood spatter evidence showed Jennifer was already on the ground when she died so this gave investigators cause to charge Kirk with first-degree murder. He spent a month in jail before coming up with the $1 million bond needed to get himself out. 

When Kirk’s defence team built their case for trial, they discovered emails between the couple, in which Jennifer criticized Kirk’s new relationship and made reference to his “pretty parts,” which was the term she used for his genitals. 

According to Kirk, “pretty parts” were also words used by Jennifer when she attacked him with the spear. 

Kirk’s trial began in 2009. The prosecution claimed Kirk wasn’t attacked but that he stabbed himself, asserting that his medical background gave him knowledge on where to inflict the wound. The defence team disagreed and claimed Jennifer had attacked him with the spear. Both sides used blood evidence to make their cases.

During the trial, Kirk testified on his own behalf and told the court he had to kill Jennifer to save his own life. 

When the jury delivered their verdict, they decided Kirk wasn’t guilty of first-degree murder. Rather, he was found not guilty by reason of self-defence. 

More details on Kirk’s case and the killing of Jennifer Turner are featured on the ‘Spear and Loathing’ episode on Kill or Be Killed.


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