Where is Kathleen Mulhall now? | The mother of the ‘Murderous Scissor Sisters’

Where is Kathleen Mulhall now?

Currently streaming on Prime Video is The Murderous Scissor Sisters, a new docuseries that highlights the brutal killing of a Kenyan man named Farah Swaleh Noor, whose dismembered body was found floating down the Royal Canal in Dublin in March 2005.

The two people responsible for Farah’s murder are Linda and Charlotte Mulhall, who brutally killed him after he threatened to slit their mother’s throat. 

The mother, Kathleen Mulhall, helped to clean up the crime scene to conceal evidence of the murder that took place in her flat. She later pleaded guilty to doing so in court. 

In this article, we briefly discuss the crime that led to her conviction and ask the question: Where is Kathleen Mulhall now?

Who is Kathleen Mulhall?

Kathleen Mulhall is the mother of the infamous ‘Scissor Sisters,’ Linda and Charlotte Mulhall. 

Before Kathleen was married to her husband John, who was allegedly abusive towards her, she was originally known as Kathleen Ward and was part of a travelling community.

At some point in her adult life, Kathleen moved to the working-class area of Tallaght in South Dublin. Here, she raised a family of three boys and three girls, several of whom ended up in prison. 

When Kathleen’s marriage to John broke down in 2002, she entered into a relationship with Farah Swaleh Noor. He was also abusive, putting Kathleen in hospital several times with the injuries he inflicted. 

What did Kathleen Mulhall do?

On March 20, 2005, Kathleen and Farah celebrated St Patrick’s weekend by going into town and drinking heavily. They were later joined by Linda and Charlotte who joined them in their drunken celebrations. 

During the night, Kathleen and Charlotte took ecstasy. When Kathleen returned to her flat, she got into a row with Farah after he tried to grope Linda. 

It’s alleged that Farah threatened to cut Kathleen’s throat. When she then asked her daughters for help, Charlotte slit his throat and with her sister, stabbed Farah a total of 27 times. 

The women then dismembered Farah’s body before putting the various pieces into bags and throwing them into the Royal Canal. 

According to the Prime Video documentary, Kathleen helped to clean up the crime scene and later threw away the murder instruments while her daughters buried Farah’s dismembered head in a park. 

What happened to Kathleen Mulhall?

Kathleen visited her sons in prison and told them what she and her daughters had done. Rather than keeping quiet about the crime, the men told the police in exchange for a move to a better prison. 

Following the police investigation, Linda and Charlotte were charged with murder. In October 2006, Charlotte was given a mandatory life sentence and Linda was given a 15-year sentence for manslaughter. They were both sent to Dublin’s Mountjoy Women’s Prison. 

Kathleen evaded capture by fleeing the country. She voluntarily returned to Ireland in February 2008 and was charged with several offenses, including two counts of giving false information to the Gardai about Farah’s whereabouts and impeding an arrest in the murder investigation.

In May 2009, Kathleen pleaded guilty to cleaning up the crime scene to conceal evidence and was sentenced to five years in prison. 

Where is Kathleen Mulhall now?

Kathleen served her time in prison and was released after serving her sentence. She continued to have a relationship with Charlotte, who she visited in prison, but claimed in 2022 that she no longer spoke to Linda. 

Kathleen said:

“I’m tired. I really am. Sometimes I just think I don’t want to wake up anymore but then when Linda came out of prison it gave me a bit of hope to want to live again, but there was no contact from her,” she said. “She wouldn’t even answer a message that I sent her.” (source)

In an interview, Kathleen also said that she was dying of cancer and wanted to make amends with Linda.

At the time of writing, we don’t know where Kathleen is, but it’s believed she is living somewhere in the UK.


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