Where is Julie Dixon now? | The Murderous Wife featured in A Killer Makes A Call

Where is Julie Dixon now?

The crime documentary series A Killer Makes A Call, shines a sinister spotlight on those killers who were arrested after making a 999 call.

Episode 1 of the series focuses on a woman named Julie Dixon who made a 999 call to say masked men had attacked her home and trapped her partner in a fire. 

In this article, we briefly outline this true crime case and ask the question: Where is Julie Dixon now?

What did Julie Dixon do?

On March 13, 2011, Julie Dixon made a 999 phone call and told the operator that masked intruders had entered her partner’s workshop in Burgh le Marsh near Skegness, Lincolnshire, and set fire to the place. 

The fire crew discovered her partner, David Twigg, in a prayer-type position in a locked cupboard. He had died from smoke inhalation. 

Following David’s death, Julie said in a statement:

“I am so numb with pain, my heart is broken. I’ve not just lost my partner of 15 years; I’ve lost the love of my life, my best friend, and soul mate.”

The investigation into David’s death went on for several months but the only description the police had of the intruders, given to them by Julie,  was that they were dressed in black and had a hoodie-like mask. 

Of course, Julie was lying to the police. There were no masked intruders. She had set fire to her husband’s workshop as part of her murder plot against him. 

The police discovered the truth about Julie after searching her computer and finding evidence in her search history that she had been looking for a way to kill somebody without leaving a trace of evidence in a post-mortem examination.

Police also found CCTV footage of Julie buying two cans of petrol on the day before David’s murder. 

What happened to Julie Dixon?

Julie Dixon was put on trial for murder. In court, she initially claimed she had killed David as part of an assisted suicide. But on the second day of the trial, she changed her plea to guilty. 

Judge Michael Heath addressed Julie directly, saying:

“David Twigg was an amiable, hard-working and honourable man. What you did to him was evil. There was a significant degree of planning and premeditation.

‘The pain that your prolonged and multiple lying has caused David Twigg’s parents can only be imagined.”

Julie Dixon was sentenced to 23 years behind bars on January 4, 2012.

Following her sentencing, David Twigg’s parents said in a statement:

“We have lost our only son, David, at the hands of someone we have loved and treated as a daughter. David was a kind, decent, hard-working man who took great pride in that work and the service he provided to people.

We do not want to comment on our thoughts about Julie Dixon who has finally admitted to murdering our wonderful son but have to say we are happy to see justice finally done and will leave her with her own thoughts.” 

Where is Julie Dixon now?

Julie Dixon is still in prison, where she will remain until her sentence is complete.


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