Is Jonathan Jacob Meijer still donating sperm? | The Dutch Fraudster featured in The Man With 1000 Kids

Is Jonathan Jacob Meijer still donating sperm?

The new Netflix docuseries The Man With 1000 Kids shines a seedy spotlight on a Dutchman named Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a serial sperm donor who is believed to have fathered between 600 and 3000 kids. 

Over 3 episodes, we hear from the parents who believed Maijer had only donated his sperm to a handful of people. However, he was a liar, which they discovered when they learned the truth about the fraudster. Needless to say, this caused them a great deal of upset. If Maijer had fathered so many children, they worried that their kids might one day meet their half-siblings and unknowingly get into a sexual relationship with them.

In this article, we ask the question: Is Jonathan Jacob Meijer still donating sperm?

Who is Jonathan Jacob Meijer?

Jonathan Jacob Meijer is a 42-year-old man from the Netherlands who is the father of hundreds (and possibly) thousands of children because of the huge amounts of sperm he donated to donor clinics and private clients. 

Before he became a sperm donor, he worked as a teacher, a mailman, and a cryptocurrency consultant. 

Meijer began donating sperm in 2007, using different aliases to hide the fact that he was donating more sperm than was allowed under Dutch guidelines. These guidelines stipulate that only 25 donations are allowed to prevent incest or psychological issues in those children who later learn they have multiple brothers or sisters. 

The Netflix documentary reveals how he was able to carry out his actions for so long before he was rumbled by the parents that he donated to. We hear from some of these parents in the doc so we recommend you check it out to learn more about their individual dealings with the duplicitous Danishman.

Why did Jonathan Jacob Meijer donate sperm?

It’s unclear why Meijer donated sperm to so many people. In the documentary, it’s suggested that it may have been an addiction, perhaps because Meijer was driven by the adoration he received from those he supported. There’s also the possibility that he’s a narcissist who wanted to spread his seed far and wide to share his genes.

Frustratingly, the documentary doesn’t feature an interview with Meijer, as he declined to share his side of the story. As such, we don’t know for sure why he felt compelled to share his sperm.

What happened to Jonathan Jacob Meijer?

When Meijer’s mass donations came to light in 2017, he was banned from donating any more sperm to Dutch clinics. However, that didn’t deter him from carrying on with his behaviour. He travelled the globe, sharing his sperm to would-be-parents, and using various aliases to hide his true identity. 

Some of his victims set up a Facebook group to support one another and to share their experiences with Meijer. They made sure his actions received international attention by contacting the New York Times, which then wrote a headline news story on him.

In April 2023, Meijer was finally brought to court to stand trial. He was ordered to stop donating sperm to new parents around the world. If caught doing so, he would be fined 100,000 euros for each donation. He was also told to contact sperm banks to ask them to destroy his frozen sperm samples. 

Where is Jonathan Jacob Meijer now?

Jonathan Jacob Meijer continues to travel the world, filming videos for his YouTube channel. One of his most recent videos is in response to the Netflix documentary which he believes is misleading. You can see that video here

Is Jonathan Jacob Meijer still donating sperm?

Yes, Meijer is still donating sperm. (source)

He’s allowed to get away with it too, as the trial verdict only prevented him from donating his sperm to “new parents.” As such, he is legally allowed to share his sperm with parents that he has already donated to. 

But as news of his behaviour is likely to spread further than his sperm, thanks to the Netflix documentary, it’s possible that many people will decide to go elsewhere for their next sperm donation.


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