Where is Ed Kemper Now? | The true story of the Co-ed Killer

The case of Edmund Kemper is an exceptional story by any measure in any part of the world. He was a man who was haunted by his very own self graduating from a troubled murderous teenage boy to a sadistic serial killer whose only way to stop himself was matricide. Standing 6’9’’ tall, Ed Kemper was highly intelligent and outwardly sophisticated boasting an IQ of 145.

He would befriend police officers to dig out confidential details about ongoing investigations. The man outsmarted everyone around him and killed 10 people including his grandparents.

Ed Kemper

Kemper’s First Murders

Kemper was only 15 years old when he fatally shot his grandmother and grandfather dead. He took his grandmother’s life for she had a little argument with him. Then, he shot his grandfather for no apparent reason as he returned from grocery shopping.

In custody, Kemper confessed that he killed the old woman only because he wanted to feel the feeling of shooting one’s grandma. As for his grandfather’s murder, his explanation was even more bizarre. According to him, his grandfather had to die because he didn’t want him to go through the pain of finding his wife dead.

Post arrest, Kemper was deemed mentally unstable, and the court sent him to Atascadero State Hospital, a maximum security facility for the mentally ill. The hospital psychiatrists found Kemper’s character to be in complete contrast with the court’s reports. They believed Kemper was intelligent, collaborative, helpful, and showed no signs of being mentally unwell. As a result, Kemper was released from the hospital on his 21st birthday. Two years later, his criminal records were completely expunged based on psychiatrists’ suggestions and Kemper’s clean record as an inmate.

Back with his Mother

Kemper returned to his mother who was now twice divorced and living an unhappy life. As always, Kemper’s relationship with his mother remained bitter, and he continued to despise her.

Kemper attended community college and later got a job with the State of California Division of Highways. Following a bike accident, Kemper got a car from the money he received as a settlement. And, the deadly spins began.

He started picking up women who were hitchhiking. At first, he didn’t harm anyone, but his head was getting filled with violent, sexual fantasies.

Who did Kemper Kill?

Kemper targeted young students who were hitchhiking. He would take them to a faraway location where he would kill them, cut them, and do all sorts of bizarre things he wanted to. Often he took the bodies home to dismember them and perform necrophilia. Since he had a University of California Santa Cruz sticker on his car, it was easy for him to pick up women. Kemper killed six girls before realizing it was time to stop. However, the only way he could stop was by killing his own mother in the worst manner imaginable.

Kemper kills his Mother

Kemper walked into his mother’s bedroom with a claw hammer as she was asleep. He bludgeoned her to death, cut off her head, and further dismembered it. As per Kemper, he humiliated her corpse and screamed at it, as that was the only way he could let out his feelings of frustration and pain he felt throughout the years due to his mother.

Ed Kemper

Later in a bid to cover the crime, he phoned his mother’s best friend to invite her for dinner. His plan was to stitch a story that his mother had gone on a vacation with her friend. As she entered the house, Kemper strangled her to death and hid the bodies of both his mother and her friend in the closet. He immediately fled the crime scene.

He drove for over 1000 miles straight to Colorado where he had a change of mind, and he phoned the police to turn himself in. He blames the killing of women on his mother.

Where is Ed Kemper Now?

Kemper has been incarcerated in California Medical Facility since 1973. He is a model prisoner who has had several prison duties from being a computer teacher to appointment scheduler. He speaks about his crimes in vivid detail and urges others who suffer from similar mental tendencies to seek assistance and never set foot in the world of crime. He will be 75 in December this year.

Even the most seasoned investigators find it hard to explain the behavioural patterns of Kemper. He manipulated the best of minds. Unlike most serial killers, he knew he was a victim himself. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he “wanted to love his mother.”

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