Where is Dawn Lewis now? | The Deadly Yoga Teacher featured in A Killer Makes A Call

Where is Dawn Lewis now?

The crime documentary series A Killer Makes A Call, shines a sinister spotlight on those killers who were arrested after making a 999 call.

Episode 3 of the series focuses on a former yoga teacher named Dawn Lewis who called 999 and admitted to stabbing her lodger, Glenn Richards, in self-defence. 

In this article, we briefly outline this true crime case and ask the question: Where is Dawn Lewis now?

What did Dawn Lewis do?

On the evening of April 18, 2022, Dawn Lewis, 54, stabbed to death her lodger Glenn Richards, 61, at her cottage in Glastonbury.

Following her 999 call, paramedics went to her home and found her covered in blood. The body of Mr Richards was lying on the floor. 

At her trial, Lewis told the court she had heard a loud bang from Mr Richard’s room. According to her, she then went upstairs and found Mr Richards holding a knife. Allegedly, he then lunged at her.

While giving evidence, Lewis said Mr Richards had tried to kill her but that he fell down the stairs after she fought back. This allowed her to grab the knife and stab him in self-defence. 

At the scene of the crime, Lewis had been found with leg wounds, which had allegedly been caused by Mr Richards. However, it’s believed these were self-inflicted.

The court heard from a friend of Lewis’s who claimed she had spoken to him on the day of the murder about stabbing Mr Richards before stabbing herself. A similar claim was made by a neighbour who Lewis had spoken to at a dinner party.

What happened to Dawn Lewis?

Lewis claimed Mr Richards’s behaviour had become “stalkerish” and that he intentionally walked in on her in the shower or in bed. She told the court that she was fearful he might harm her but didn’t contact the police because she didn’t want to put him in jeopardy, owing to his previous convictions.

In 2002, Mr Richards had served prison time for stabbing his ex-wife to death while under the grip of mental illness. He was released in 2011.

At her sentencing at Bristol Crown Court in December 2022, Judge William Hart said Lewis was trying to cover up her murder by playing on her fear that she could have been another victim of Richards. He said that rather being fearful of him, which she had claimed, she had instead become intolerant of him.

He said: 

“You decided Glenn Richards had to be removed from your life. You pre-mediated his killing and how you might get away with it.. Your actions were attributed to anger rather than terror. You armed yourself with a knife, went upstairs, forced entry and he was repeatedly stabbed by you. It was a savage attack.

You then inflicted minor incise wounds to your thigh to make it look like you were the victim. The disparity between his wounds and yours were telling.” (source)

Lewis was given a life sentence, with a minimum of 20 years, for the murder of Mr Richards.

Where is Dawn Lewis now?

Dawn Lewis is still serving time for her terrible crime. She will remain in prison until her sentence is complete. 


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