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We begin episode 6 of True Beauty with Ju-Kyung comforting Soo-Ho after telling him she knows everything. He reassures her that he’s okay but it’s clear he’s not.

Anyway, they’re suddenly interrupted by a fire alarm that sends everyone in the building up to the rooftop. Soo-Ho does his best to protect Ju-Kyung, eventually walking her down the stairs to the bus stop. Ju-Kyung gets on her bus but before she does, tells Soo-Ho that sometimes it’s okay to cry.

Soo-Ho’s father, Lee Joo-Hun, shows up when his son arrives home but it’s clear Soo-Ho wants nothing to do with him. Given the parent/teacher conference coming up, Soo-Ho shrugs him off and simply tells his Father to leave and not bother.

Back home, Seo-Joon and Go-Woon share noodles while discussing her school woes and, in particular, how she was bullied. It’s news to Seo-Joon’s ears but when he learns Ju-Kyung was responsible for helping her gain confidence, he’s clearly very grateful. Seo-Joon even confronts her at school the next day but is rudely interrupted by his gang of lackeys egging him on and causing a big scene.

With parent/teacher day upon us, Ju-Kyung’s bad grades are certainly a cause for concern. However, her Mother immediately forgets this and becomes infatuated by the arrival of Soo-Ho’s father.

Looking dreamily into his eyes, she eventually asks for his autograph and totally fangirls over him. Unfortunately, news of this spreads all round the school as Soo-Ho’s Father’s popularity becomes a big talking point. Soo-Ho is fed up though and eventually walks away.

We then cut back in time to the moments following Se-Yeon’s death. It turns out Soo-Ho’s Dad heartlessly kicked Se-Yeon out from his entertainment group. Seo-Joon confronted him but Joo-Hun is less than compassionate about the whole deal, nonchalantly brushing it aside like nothing.

Back in the present, Hyun-Sook composes herself back home and properly looks over Ju-Kyung’s bad grades. Tasking drastic measures, she bags up all of Ju-Kyung’s make-up and threatens to throw it out.

At the same time, Soo-Jin thinks over her past in the bathroom, specifically her Father’s high expectations for her. When he found out her grades weren’t higher, she received a meaty slap across the face for her troubles.

After school, Ju-Kyung decides to help Go-Woon with her make-up at her place. Seo-Joon dances out of his room though, believing he’s on his own. Only…he’s not as both Ju-Kyung and Go-Woon watch him with amusement. When Ju0-Kyung leaves later that evening, he follows and apologizes for the embarrassment, going on to thank Ju-Kyung for what she’s done for his sister.

When Ju-Kyung heads home, it turns out Soo-Ho is there with an enthusiastic Hyun-Soo. She’s determined to cook for him but it’s obviously she’s trying to get in Joo-Hun’s good books. Collecting the table for dinner, Soo-Ho speaks to Ju-Young and admits that he likes Ju-Kyung, even without make-up on.

During dinner, Ju-Kyung and Ju-Young fight for space under the table, eventually leading to Ju-Kyung falling in Soo-Ho’s lap. Just as things get back on track again, a drunken Hee-Kyung heads home and stumbles over the electric cables, unplugging everything.

Ju-Kyung switches on her phone light after some fumbling around and finds Soo-Ho trapped under a family bundle. Hee-Kyung is untouched though, hungrily gulping down bowls of food at the table.

Later On, Hee-Kyung invites Ju-Kyung along to the sauna with her as a way of detoxing from the alcohol. Only, Seo-Joon shows up while there and it causes Ju-Kyung to try and fend off the humidity for an extended period of time.

Meanwhile, Soo-Ho gets the bus home but freezes when he hears a ringing phone. This brings back memories from the past of him refusing to answer Se-Yeon’s phone calls. Scrambling off the bus and trying to regain his composure, he notices Ju-Kyung on the other side of the road hurrying into a burger joint.

Unfortunately, there Ju-Kyung runs into her old bullies. They knock her down on the ground and ask for her number. Instead, she turns and runs away. Although she drops her wallet on the ground, Soo-Ho shows and manages to grab it; Ju-Kyung’s own guardian angel!

Eventually Soo-Ho comforts her in the alleyway and tells Ju-Kyung it’s okay, giving her his hat. At the same time, bully Sun-Ho tries picking a fight with Seo-Joon but he simply scoffs at the notion, unwilling to fight with this boy. It’s clear there’s tensions between them though.

Meanwhile, Joon-Hoo and Hee-Kyung continue to grow closer together, hiding under an umbrella together in the rain. Eventually she leans forward and kisses him tenderly.

At school the next day, Ju-Kyung teases Seo-Joon over his underwear antics. Her teasing “roar” (complete with cute hand gestures) is enough for him to begin falling for her. Only, a massive spanner is thrown in the works as Park Sae-Mi and the other bullies figure out that Ju-Kyung may well be at the other school in town.

Later that day, Ju-Kyung is surrounded by all the bullies who corner her in an alleyway. They take her to a noraebang and phone Seo-Joon asking him to show up and save “his girlfriend”. Given he’s with Soo-Ho at the time, both of them rush there and take out the gang. Soo-Ho flips one of them onto the table and looks set to throw a punch. As he does, Ju-Kyung looks dreamily at him.

The Episode Review

True Beauty delivers another good episode this time around as Soo-Ho and Ju-Kyung dance around their true feelings for one another. Because of this, it gives Seo-Joon a chance to grow closer to Ju-Kyung. Interestingly, his sister being Go-Woon gives a perfect excuse for Ju-Kyung to be at his house and seeing Seo-Joon vulnerable, dancing about in his boxers. It’s just the ammo she needs to level the playing field and bring him down a few pegs.

However, the show does a great job balancing out both boys with enough bad boy traits and tenderness. Although second lead Seo-Joon is unlike to end up with Ju-Kyung by the end, the triangle here is actually quite good and entertaining enough to stick with for the time being.

Ju-Kyung’s Mum steals the spotlight here though as she realizes just who Soo-Ho’s Father is and begins fangirling over him. It’s a hilarious segment and one that works surprisingly well to keep the humour flowing right the way through the moments that Ju-Kyung doesn’t occupy.

Hopefully this level of humour can keep up across the season. If Extraordinary You is any indication, we could be in for a real treat here.

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