Trophy Eyes – Suicide And Sunshine | Album Review

Track Listing

Life In Slow Motion
People Like You
My Inheritance
Blue Eyed Boy
Runaway, Come Home
What Hurts The Most
Sweet Soft Sound
Stay Here


This record exemplifies sadness and struggle on such a level that there’re moments when the tears begin to show, when the emotions become a centre point and, as the record plays, everything is revealed.

‘Suicide And Sunshine’ is Trophy Eyes at their most vulnerable, as the band scream and bellows about a loss that really does hurt. The boy becomes a major part of this release – a boy that has swayed into suicide – and the band has created these songs to come to terms with it all.

The record is full of anthems, and it’s the best record that Trophy Eyes has produced; a perfect record, with poignant undertones. Though it’s an album that flows overboard emotionally, it still has those sturdy, well-constructed guitar notes to cut through the pain. The act is in their element here, pushing their talents to the forefront, even when they’re crippled by despair and the flashing images in their heads.

There are 14 songs on this release, including Life In Slow Motion which is a lyrical masterclass and perfect in its execution. The chorus breaks conventions and the guitar moments push the song forward. It is truly a masterful, emotional whirlwind.

Runaway, Come Home yet again shows the band’s intelligence and lyrical qualities, and the chorus bursts in and draws attention. Time has elapsed, and hope seems to be drifting away.

What Hurts The Most is more fast-paced, and the chorus really does this song justice. The man in the snapshot of this one is hurting, and there’s no positivity to be found. That guitar presence adds substance.

Trophy Eyes dazzle in sadness. This album depicts emotion in such a strong way, that it’s hard not to feel for the band and their struggles. Sometimes you hear a record that sticks with you, and resonates, and Suicide And Sunshine does this wholeheartedly.

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  • Verdict - 10/10

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