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Episode 6 of Trolley starts at the City Council as the three panelists for the different parties wrap up their debate regarding the Digital Sex Crime Act. Joong-do is forced to bite his tongue and swallow his pride as the situation turns to the subject of troublesome kids. Of course, given Ji-hoon’s history, Joong-do is forced to endure this until the conversation is over.

Ki-young phones Joong-do afterwards and invites him over to Youngsan. This coincides with Hye-joo showing up of course, but it’s all one big misunderstanding and not (as many of us may have predicted) Seung-hee’s meddling.

Seung-hee confronts her husband about Joong-do’s ties to Hye-joo and it turns out it’s all one big coincidence. They head for dinner together but of course, things are incredibly tense and awkward. Seung-hee gives some scathing statements toward Hye-joo’s past, even outright calling her Jae-eun in front of Joong-do. She finally brings up how the most painful experience in life is losing a loved one – staring daggers at Hye-joo the whole time.

After paying for the meal, Seung-hee tells Joong-do she’d love a tour of the National Assembly. After, she takes Hye-joo into the bathroom and brings up how she and her husband have a lot in common, given they’ve both killed someone. Seung-hee decides to get revenge and tells Hye-joo she needs to show up and apologize for Seung-ho’s death. She’s told to kneel before her mother and say sorry.

During flashbacks, we see Seung-hee tried to set up Hye-joo with her brother in school, always with a bossy edge to her. She also goes on to basically admit she’s doing it for selfish reasons. Even back then she was overshadowed by her mother, Yoo-shin, doting on him, not to mention how he got into SNU Law School. Seung-hee is convinced, after Seung-ho’s death, that Hye-joo framed him to get the tuition money.

In the present, Hye-joo is rattled after her conversation with Seung-hee and tries to put on a brave face. The four part ways, with Joong-do telling Ki-young firmly in confidence that he’s not going to let Hye-joo be part of his political campaign and wants to keep it that way.

On the drive home, Hye-joo receives a message from Seung-hee, telling her to meet at noon at their old house. When Ki-young finds out what his wife is planning, he questions her about whether she’s really sure that Hye-joo is in the wrong. Seung-hee is convinced, and that comes from a conversation between Seung-ho and Seung-hee in the past.

There, we see Seung-ho’s side of the story, where he claims that he’s being framed by Hye-joo. He essentially gaslights her into believing him, weaponizing their sibling bond. To make matters worse, Yoo-Shin also lies (guess lying runs in the family!) claiming that Hye-joo framed Seung-ho and did all this because she wanted to go to university.

Back home, Joong-do speaks to Soo-bin and asks whether she can take responsibility. “You’re one to talk.” She replies. Joong-do is silent but this little exchange seems to reinforce the fact Ji-hoon did not impregnate her. I still stand by that it’s Joong-do. In her room, Soo-bin furiously tries to scrub out the JB tattoo on her hip.

Joong-do notices numerous flyers outside and immediately checks the dashcam footage. These happen to be of Joong do’s face printed out and the words “Joong-do is a murderer”. Of course, Hye-joo thinks it’s Seung-hee but in reality, it’s actually Seung-kye’s father.

Hye-joo’s planned apology coincides with Yoo-shin heading out to view a property, so Seung-hee is forced to change the time to 3.30pm instead. While this is going on, Joong-do tasks Woo-jae with looking into the connection Hye-joo has with Seung-hee and the past. He needs to know now as a protective measure. Apparently he’s doing this as a husband rather than an Assemblyman but it’s really hard to tell.

Soo-bin heads to the women’s clinic and queries about getting an abortion. Only, she happens to pass Yeo-Jin after, who’s on a different floor. As they leave together, the news manage to get hold of the details surrounding the adult video spreading and unfortunately, our grieving grandmother happens to overhear.

Instead of ringing Joong-do, she rings Hye-joo, who soon learns that the videos have been deleted. Unfortunately, she can’t get through to grieving grandmother.

The time reaches 3.30pm and Hye-joo chooses to show up at Seung-hee’s place. She sees the shrine for Seung-ho and is told to sort herself out and not cry. However, a sudden bang from the back indicates a car crash. The doorbell rings constantly. It’s Joong-do, and he looks absolutely enraged.

The Episode Review

Business is about to pick up now and it seems like Joong-do knows exactly what went down outside the Children’s Home in the past. We saw Woo-jae speaks to the nun earlier in the episode and I’d imagine there may well have been an eye-witness to the assault from Seung-ho. Off the back of this, Joong-do has probably shown up to confront Seung-hee and demand an explanation as to why she’s terrorizing his wife. At least, that’s my theory anyway.

The whole Soo-bin situation is still simmering away in the background and there’s not a whole lot going on with this either. I’d imagine it’ll come down to her being used as a bargaining chip by Seung-hee to try and derail Joong-do and stop his campaign for being the Assemblyman again.

This was another solid episode though for a K-drama that’s surprisingly flying under the radar for a lot of people. This isn’t really getting much in the way of viewership but it’s certainly a good watch and there’s a pressure cooker situation going on here that looks set to explode in the coming episodes. Roll on on next week!

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  1. I’m a long time fan of Korean TV and film. It seems they can do no wrong, which is not to say that all their content is top notch, no not at all. But the sheer amount of talent that is on display constantly amazes me. I live in Sydney and must rely on Netflix for Korean content and sometimes other local streaming platforms. We used to get a good supply of films in our local cinemas but over the last couple of years, there’s less and less. And more Chinese content which for me is inferior and hugely propagandised? If that’s a word.
    However with Trolley I have decided I might not continue with it. After episode 6, I found it too drawn out. Usually this doesn’t bother me, as many Korean series are a slow burn and the story ropes you in. This one is a departure for me. The players are so mannered it’s difficult to watch, Hey-Joo is too timid for my liking. I get she is most likely just a very nice pleasant woman, but Jesus, she lets everyone dump all over her. The husband Joon-Do is somewhat interesting but is so far lacking any real depth. As of the end of the last episode this might change. I hope so. The cast are basically all unlikeable. Soo-Bin is a mopey pain in the ass, and clearly is up to something. I just don’t think I care enough to keep with it. Some of the support cast are actually interesting but have very little to do, as yet. I might give it another go next week, but if things don’t ramp up I will not watch more.

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