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Episode 10 of Trolley starts with Hye-joo checking Ji-hoon’s phone and noticing there’s been no reply yet. She eyes Joong-do’s National Assembly badge and says goodbye to her husband. They hug beforehand though, solidifying their love together.

Joong-do stops by the Mill with Woo-jae before heading on to the office. The pair are invited in to have breakfast as the grandmother seems to have calmed down now. “I haven’t forgiven you completely.” She says, but does go on to tell him he does good work and to use her as he sees fit. Some of this comes from Woo-jae, who actually gave her some words of encouragement, showing her the video and softening up a little.

The grandmother urges Joong-do to pass the Digital Sex Law and do his best to try and push that through. Now, the thing is they need another case to use where the culprit killed themselves… and Woo-jae believes they may just have that. He doesn’t say it outright but you know he’s thinking of Hye-joo and Joong-do here.

Meanwhile, drama ensues with Yeo-jin. Her daughter, Chae-eun, was killed by her own father who spent time behind bars and he’s now back and makes a surprise appearance on her anniversary. The bond between Yeo-jin and Hye-joo is strengthened more than ever, with the latter calling her family and deciding to let her come and stay for the time being, pointing out Joong-do is a lawyer and it’ll cause a world of trouble for him if he continues to pry.

Soo-bin is put in a difficult position too. She’s blackmailed by the shady guy who has her phone, telling her she needs to get 1 million won to him if she has any chance of getting that back. Whilst there, she notices the cooking staff taking money for herself. When Yeo-jin returns, Soo-bin asks for 2 million won. After it’s transferred, Yeo-jin points out that the staff are pocketing money, going on to tell her that’s “exactly what it feels like to be betrayed.”

Seung-hee and Ki-young meet with Seung-kye’s parents and they try to work out a course of action. Seung-hee deliberates over whether to pedal the fact Sol was a sex worker but for now, she’s obsessed with seeing Hye-joo again. Ki-young urges her to leave everything behind and leave, heading off to Australia. Naturally, she refuses to do so, not willing to leave her mother (the one who resents her) behind.

Hye-joo finally receives a call from Soo-bin… but it’s not actually her. Instead, it’s that shady guy with her phone and he shows up to see her, claiming to be Ji-hoon’s friend and trying to get information. He plants seeds of doubts about Soo-bin, claiming she has “sticky fingers” and that he tried his best to stop Ji-hoon from dating her as she’s “not a good girl.” When he leaves, the guy points out that the baby really was Ji-hoon’s after all.

Ki-young rings Joong-do that night, deciding to share evidence for the land speculation involving his mother-in-law. This has been simmering away in the background and it looks like it’s about to be brought to boiling point. He tells Joong-do what he knows, as he in turn meets with Kang Soon-hong. Joong-do tells him that “Mr Park of Yangcheon-ri is great at his job,” realizing that he’s stuck in a difficult position. After all, Kang knows who Hye-joo is. Thanks to Ki-young’s tip-off, he can keep the Assemblyman quiet but for how long?

Soo-bin rings her contact and confirms she has the money he wants. During a flashback, he bemoans that Soo-bin has been out of reach all day, wondering what she’s been up to. Ji-hoon looks uncomfortable but his “friend” soon learns that Ji-hoon allegedly got her pregnant, got dumped and then commit suicide. If he were alive, this guy vows to kill Ji-hoon himself.

Back in the present, Hye-joo wants to make sure Soo-bin doesn’t receive the message about Ji-hoon wanting to commit suicide. Despite Joong-do’s resentment for her, Hye-joo wants to do right by Soo-bin and protect her. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Joong-do reveals the ties between him and Kang, with Joong-do deciding he can’t trust any of the people he’s working with. Instead, he decides they should go public with the story and take control of the situation, that way the ball will be in their court. However, Joong-do won’t do anything until she gives consent to let it all be aired out.

Hye-joo goes out for a walk to get some air. She heads over to Yeo-jin’s, where Woo-jae arrives to pay his respects to Chae-eun given it’s the anniversary of her death. They all share a drink but it’s clear that there are secrets being kept between them.

Yoon-seo comes under fire at school regarding the whole Soo-bin situation and eventually heads home, worried about how her father is going to handle this situation. Joong-do speaks to her calmly about the whole situation, eventually going on to tell her that it’ll be fine.

However, Yoon-seo seems to be a bigger part of this than we first thought, especially when she heads to her room and looks at a photo of her brother. She narrows her gaze and wonders whether he’s happy now that everyone is sad.

That evening, Hye-joo returns and decides to give her husband consent to go public about her past. Joong-do thanks her for making the hard decision, but as soon as she steps out the house in the morning, reporters flood over to try and get a picture of her.

The Episode Review

Trolley’s follow-up episode sees a lot more secrets come to the fold as the truth about Ji-hoon looks to be the catalyst for everything that’s about to transpire. There’s been a lot of emphasis on sex crimes and because of that, it seems we’re being led toward a shocking revelation about Ji-hoon or Joong-do.

It could well be that one of them sexually assaulted Soo-bin and that’s how she ended up pregnant. Or it could even be Ji-hoon’s “friend” and Soo-bin has claimed the child was Ji-hoon’s. Either way, this whole situation is starting to get really interesting – and what is Yoon-seo hiding, if anything?

Meanwhile, Ki-young is the voice of reason here and his decision to strike a deal with Joong-do certainly helps them out temporarily… but it also throws them right back in the firing line again. Now that Kang is aware of who Hye-joo is, it sets up a very tantalizing and nail-biting set of episodes to follow from here on out.

Everything is left wide open for the rest of the series and after a slight blip in the middle, the drama has very much been palpable throughout.

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