Troll (2022) Ending Explained – Is the troll stopped before it wreaks havoc?

Troll Plot Synopsis

Troll follows a group of misfits as they band together to try and stop a monstrous creature from causing havoc across the country. Deep in the Dovre mountains, an explosion rocks the surrounding area, unleashing a huge behemoth on the rural landscape, terrorizing the locals.

Destroying everything in its path, this creature sets its sights on Oslo and begins to march there methodically. To avoid certain destruction, it’s up to Paleobiology expert Nora Tidemann, the Prime Minister’s advisor Andreas Isaksen and Captain Kris of the army to try and find a solution before it’s too late.

Complicating matters further is Nora’s father Tobias, who knows more about Trolls and folklore than anyone in these parts. Only, Nora has an estranged relationship with her crazed father and that may prove to be a sticking point. But can they resolve their differences to solve Norway’s monster problem?

Does Tobias survive?

During the first military encounter with the Troll, things don’t go to plan. Explosions and gunfire have little effect on the behemoth and it can smell the blood of individual soldiers too. After eating one of the soldiers fighting with the group, Tobias stands up and attempts to calm the creature down. Arms outstretched, he seems to be successful.

However, another vehicle arrives and pummels the troll full of bullets. As it turns and squashes the people inside with a single boot, Tobias is thwacked with the Troll’s tail, sending him flying and crashing to the ground.

“Listen my child. Believe…” He says to Nora, and then passes away before he can elaborate on his words.

What does the Troll want in Oslo?

After a failed operation involving church bells, resulting in the deaths and destruction of three helicopters, the Prime Minister gives a speech on TV to try and calm the nation. She evacuates Oslo, declaring a state of evacuation and making sure the surrounding areas are completely clear too. “Look out for one another… and God bless us all and our fatherland.” She says.

And so, with all the residents leaving, Nora has a lightbulb moment. She turns around and heads back into Oslo while en-route out, believing a clue lies in the Royal Palace in Oslo. This explains the “Sinding” written in her father’s journal, relating to the man currently residing inside.

At the Royal Palace, Nora and Andreas are taken deep into the underground tunnels, where Sinding reveals he and the other officials destroyed Tobias’ life in order to protect their secret. And that secret happens to be the skeletal remains of a Troll family underground.

Nothing is more important to Trolls than family, and during the Christianization of Norway, the Troll King was lured to the Dovre Mountain and imprisoned, left for dead. Of course, the earlier explosives let him out and now he’s heading back to Oslo to try and reunite with his children.

How is the Troll stopped?

When Nora shines her UV light on the bones, she notices it sizzle and comes up with an idea.

Nora commandeers the Queen’s pick-up truck and phones Captain Kris, getting him into position. As the Troll approaches and heads for the city center, Sigrid’s skills come in handy back at HQ to hack into the military fighter plane’s system and prevent them firing missiles at the creature. Sigrid stops them from doing so, enacting a system malfunction from afar.

With Oslo still intact and Nora’s plan very much alive, Andreas gives Nora some words of encouragement when she doubts herself. As they head out, they remove the large tarp from the back to reveal… the skull of one of the Troll children found underground.

After the Troll smashes the skull by accident and realizes it has no family left, it turns its attention to Nora and Andreas, determined to make them pay. It chases them, just as Sigrid is found out for hijacking the system back at HQ.

Nora just about makes it to safety, jumping out the pick-up just as the Troll arrives, ready to stomp on her and squash her to bits, Military vehicles surround the Troll, and begin shining massive UV lights attached to the back onto it. One by one they turn on, sizzling the creature.

How does Troll end?

While the Troll is stopped in its place, frozen by the UV lights, Nora suddenly turns all the lights off and pleads with the Troll to leave. Kris has all the men stand down and prevent firing. “Go where you’re safe.” She pleads, “Go back to the mountain!”

There’s a moment of tranquility until suddenly sunlight filters up as sunrise hits, prompting the Troll to collapse in a heap. Just before it completely turns to stone, Nora reaches out and touches the creature gently, watching as the eye closes and the threat is averted.

Having earlier patched up her issues with her father, Nora decides they should call this area Tobias Boulder.

Andreas also quits his job with the PM, deciding to follow his dreams of becoming a writer. “Do you think there are more out there? In a cave deep in the mountains?” Andreas asks, as Nora smiles and the film comes to a close.

Is there a post-credit sequence?

Yes! Stick around as the film jumps over to the Dovre Mountain, where distant rumbling sees a whole bunch of stones move. Suddenly, a massive roar sees all the stones shoot up in the air… and we fade to black!



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