Trivia Quest Netflix Review – This Interactive quiz is a bit of a disappointment

This Interactive quiz is a bit of a disappointment

When Netflix announced recently they’d be adding a daily trivia quest on the platform, I was very excited. After all, we’ve seen recently how simple crazes like Wordle can go viral, and it’s clear the streaming giants are banking on grabbing a slice of that lucrative pie.

Trivia Quest is rough around the edges and if you’re not sold on this one immediately, you’re unlikely to return every day to see this through to its conclusion.

The loose narrative tying everything together plays on the idea of a fantasy island known as Trivialand. An evil blue-sword called Rocky has arrived and captured all of Willy’s friends, locking them in cages that can only be unlocked through keys.

Obtaining these keys comes from completing questions, which give coins that accumulate into a key to open the cages and free Willy’s friends. It’s simple enough stuff, and each day there are 12 questions to tuck into.

Each day centers on a different topic, ranging from movies ( which happens to be today’s chosen category) through to history, geography and sports. Willy then presents each question with a joke or quip (which gets old and repetitive very quickly) along with a multiple choice question featuring four possible answers.

Most of these questions are quite simple, but after the 12 questions you’re given the choice to step it up and tackle Hard mode. Or, bizarrely, go back through and answer the same questions all over again. Essentially the game encourages you to cheat to gain the top score every time, which is a bit of a bizarre tactic.

The other confuddling part of this trivia quest comes from the format. Each overarching topic is broken down into sub-categories which vary from the aforementioned topics – sports, entertainment, science and geography. So for movies, you’ll get a variety of movie questions themed around entertainment, sports or science.

It’s a shame actually because there’s definitely room here for a quality interactive quiz on Netflix. This is definitely the right step for the platform going forward, setting it apart from the competition. However, the execution of Trivia Quest thus far has been disappointing, to say the least.

We’ll have to wait and see if people continue to tune into this one over the coming weeks or whether Netflix will make tweaks and changes along the way, but in its current format Trivia Quest feels like a rough-around-the-edges beta that needs a bit more time to turn it into a high-flying hit.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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