Triptych (2023) Season 1 Ending Explained – Do the triplets learn the truth?

Going Back to the Start

Episode 8 of Triptych starts with Becca waking up in a locked glass room. She sees Humberto on the other side and confronts him. Humberto doesn’t apologize for betraying her but warns her that she and her sisters are not the only ones. As she looks around, she sees photos from her past and notices Tamara passed out in another room.

Meanwhile, Dr Batiz watches and surveys them. She later tells the girls that they were part of a scientific experiment that started over thirty years ago. Throughout their lives, she had handlers who watched over the girls. For Becca, her handler was Humberto. Dr Batiz has been surveilling their lives to answer the scientific question of how nature and nurture affect human beings’ personalities.

Who is the triplet’s biological mum?

Back in the 60’s, a young Dr Batiz worked with Dr Meyer who was running experiments on twins and triplets. Once the true nature of his experiments was discovered by the press, Dr Meyer aborted the whole experiment and buried all the data he had gotten from the experiment.

Dr Batiz decided to continue the project and travelled back to Mexico where she met  Dr Bernado Saenz who put her in charge of the Psychiatric Research Department at the Humanis Vita Hospital. She took this opportunity to restart Dr Meyer’s experiment and implanted a successfully fertilised monozygotic embryo in herself. She is the triplet’s biological mom.

Why were the girls separated?

This was an important step in Dr Batiz’s grand scheme. The girls needed to be separated so that she can study the confirmation of personality. She put the girls – who have identical genetic characteristics – in three different socioeconomic situations.

Aleida was adopted by the wealthy Bernado and his wife, Becca was illegally adopted by a middle-class couple who desperately wanted a child. Lastly, she paid Tamara’s adoptive mom a stipend to help raise her.

Dr Batiz watched over the girls and inserted people in their lives to secretly run more tests on the girls and report directly to her. She made sure the girls went through the same major events in their lives. She killed Tamara’s mom and Becca’s dad to ensure they went through what Aleida went through after losing her dad, Dr Bernado.

Is Aleida alive?

It turns out that Dr Batiz with Humberto’s help managed to fake Aleida’s death. She got Almeida out of the hospital and brought her to her secret house in the countryside. There, she nursed Aleida to health.

In the final confrontation at the house, Aleida is able to wake up and help her sisters confront Dr Batiz. She was still weak but the three of them luckily manage to escape and get out alive. She reunites with Eugenio who was searching for Tamara and Becca after they were kidnapped by Dr Batiz.

What happens to Humberto?

After the truth is revealed to Becca, Humberto returns to the police station to monitor the situation. Eugenio approaches him asking for help to find Becca and Tamara who he believes are in danger. He suspects Dr Batiz has something to do with the girls’ disappearance. Eugenio hired a private investigator and wants to drive to Dr Batiz’s house with Humberto.

During the ride, Eugenio realizes something is wrong. He tries to get Humberto to stop the car. They get into a fight and get into an accident but Humberto doesn’t make it out alive.

What happens to Dr Batiz?

Dr Batiz loses in the last confrontation with the triplets. The triplets locked her in a hidden basement in her house. In the end, the police are unable to find her. However, Becca finds peace knowing no one will save Dr Batiz from that room.

Do the triplets end up together?

After they are rescued, the girls are reunited with their adoptive moms and try to overcome their trauma, bringing the season to a close.

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