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Last Night of Freedom
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
Works in Progress
Ocean’s 11th Grade
Same Time Last Year
Black Friday
Aren’t You Gonna Say Something?
We Belong



The problem with teen dramas is just how many of them there actually are out there. From shows like Riverdale and Sabrina down to Euphoria, Glee and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, every single avenue has been explored and rehashed a million times over. Last year’s Trinkets is a perfect example of vanilla-flavoured teen drama and did absolutely nothing original to stand out.

Back for a second (and final) season, Trinkets returns for 10 episodes that switch the game up. With less humour this time around, Trinkets instead doubles down on its melodrama. The result is something that feels a little more serious and reflective but fails yet again to carve a unique slice of the teen-drama pie.

The story picks up not long after the events of the first season. Elodie is out on the road with Sabine but realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Instead, she decides to head home again. After reconvening with the girls, her parents set a strict regime for Elodie, determined not to let her slip into bad habits. That regime leads her to the school band where romance predictably blossoms.

Meanwhile, Brady takes the blame for the sunken car which immediately causes alarm bells to ring – especially given how nice he’s being to Tabitha.

Moe starts to slip into thrill-seeking stealing frenzies but also has relationship problems of her own. With her and Noah struggling, Moe’s newfound Robotics Club buddy Chase kisses her… which is photographed and causes a world of problems.

All of this inevitably crescendos into a reflective final episode where the character arcs are resolved and our girls prepare for what comes next. It’s all very messy, melodramatic stuff but it’s also not anything that really pushes the boat out.

Of course, the show itself will find its audience and fans will undoubtedly be in their element. For everyone else, season 2 reinforces the problems that were inherent last year. This is yet another coming-of-age teen drama with little to say. Like a well-rehearsed speech full of cliches, there’s some great presentation but it all feels hollow, lacking originality and flair to really stand out.

While there’s nothing outright terrible or bad about this show, there’s nothing inherently good or memorable either. The 10 episodes serve up a pleasant enough ride and the conclusion to this tale admittedly makes the journey worth taking. However, it’s also one you’ll be unlikely to take again any time soon.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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