Trese – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Trese begins with a slick black and white flashback as a woman shows up at a strip club and absolutely cleans house. The bodyguards have their hearts cut out and a bloodied crime scene is left behind. The victims are actually part of the infamous Skeleton Crew and it seems like it could well be that this is a revenge killing.

Anton shows up at the crime scene, joined by a young Alexandra. Anton’s accompanying officers actually happen to be werewolves too. They transform and begin following the scent.

This woman responsible for all this is called Ramona, and she’s in charge of a band of rebels who have been murdering these clan members for months.

Anton warns the Colonel he could be next but he’s too far gone with the bottle, believing that Ramona will kill him soon.

In the present, Alexandra shows up with her men to the scene of a car crash. Only, it’s no ordinary crash. The winner’s car has gone missing and there’s hoofprints on the roof of the car With no trace and no body, along with two eye-witnesses claiming the driver had some real “horsepower”, Trese follows the clues to a lavish skyscraper.

She’s there to see Senor Amanaz, who invites her in. Trese greets this great stallion, who happens to be Lord of the Tikbalang. She believes that his tribe is responsible for taking a human trophy. It seems she’s not alone though. Amanaz’s son, Maliksi, has also gone missing.

In order to get to the bottom of this, Trese decides to jump into the drag races herself. Racing against Prince Maliksi, Trese wins and gets her trophy back. This comes in the form of Coreen, the missing girl.

This certainly upsets the balance of power though as lightning-wielding Bagyon shows up to exact his revenge. Trese is ready though, and uses Nuno to help turn the tide of battle. It’s short-lived though, as Trese receives an ominous warning from his father, Lektro. He promises that a storm is coming and she needs to be ready for that.

The Episode Review

Trese returns and delivers a solid case for our characters to deal with, including missing people and more myths and legends to contend with. Seeing the horse lords and lightning-skulled deities is certainly an interesting turn of events and the show does a great job keeping things exciting and adding lots of Filipino folklore.

Aesthetically, the scene featuring raindrops falling down the glass in the elevator was absolutely gorgeous and beautifully done. This, blended with the black and white shots for the flashbacks, lends itself nicely to this series.

Trese has been a solid crime/action anime so far and the rest of the episodes look set to burst into life.

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