Treason – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

When Adam gets to his office, he learns that Martin has removed him from service. Episode 4 of Treason then sees Mads go to Dede with the news that she has been made. She once again insists that Mads leave this mess but she is defiant in her stand for the kids.

Audrey’s news has broken out. Mary is shocked to learn about the accusations levelled against Adam. Martin assures Mary that he won’t hurt Ella and Callum to know where Adam is taking them. She tells them of a holiday house in Surrey.

Martin issues a section 7 (treason) against Melnikov and Adam. He is now perceived as a national security threat. Martin orders Adam’s assassination and plans to blame it on Kara. The Russian, meanwhile, picks up Martin and Olamide’s conversation and finds the address. Mads too heads there as the CIA is in the act as well. She arrives at the house and confronts Adam about the truth. Melnikov is stabbed in the parking lot by an unknown person.

Patrick leaves a message for Adam asking about what’s going on and informs him that Melnikov is dead. Adam tells Mads about him giving the file on Audrey that started all this for the family. We have now reached the beginning of the series as the sniper is camped outside the house and takes aim. He is most probably the same person who killed Melnikov but the nature of his allegiance is unclear. Is he with the MI6? Or is he acting for someone else entirely?

Mads is furious with Adam for betraying this country and putting the family at risk. Adam says he has worked until now to get the families of the men killed in Baku as he had promised Kara. Ella gets up and overhears the conversation. Adam breaks down confessing that he left Kara in Baku because he was afraid their relationship would be discovered and he wouldn’t be able to take credit for the intel. It was never about love, but about guilt. He apologises to Mads but she is confused about how Adam will be exonerated for giving out official state secrets to a former Russian spy.

That is when Adam tells her that the intel was unofficial and was collected by Martin himself. Something catches Callum’s attention outside and the sniper locks on him but Kara brings him inside and tells Adam that Martin has ordered a hit on him. The man outside is indeed his man and is acting independently of MI6. Martin got Melnikov killed too. The sniper shoots but misses. They turn off the lights and now, Kara must protect Adam if she is to prove her own innocence.

He stays with the kids and Mads and Kara go out to deal with him. Kara will create a distraction and Mads will take him down. The shooter sees Kara and takes off after her. Mads comes up on him from behind. The shooter dies from the hun wounds and they bury him in the forest. All of them leave the place together.

Adam takes them all to Kit’s house. It is revealed he was Sian’s, Adam’s ex-wife who died, best friend. He is a lawyer and perhaps the only one Adam can trust right now. Callum innocently asks Adam if they’re the good guys and he replies in the affirmative. Mads has trauma from killing the shooter. She confesses that she had never killed anyone outside the army. When Olamide informs Martin that Adam is gone, Martin calls Dede for help. Adam must get out Martin’s debauchery in public before the elections.

Kara suggests the only way out is to make a deal with Audrey and get immunity. Kit approves. Adam and Kara go after the files and Mads will go to Audrey for a deal. Martin gives Dede the full green light to eliminate Adam and Kara and in return, agrees to give her proof that Adam had been a double agent since Baku which would give her considerable standing at Langley. The same thing that Kara did with Adam!

The Episode Review

The moment we came back to where the series started, it went downhill in episode 4. Martin was shown off as the egregious villain we have all come to hate in such espionage dramas. These vile faces sit back and dictate terms, twisting and bending rules at their whim to achieve ulterior ends.

But perhaps the characterization was important so as to make something of a fleshy portrait for Ciaran Hinds. How could they have let his talents go to waste like that? Mads brought out her A-game and renewed acquaintances with her military training, albeit in strange and compelling circumstances. Oona Chaplin has been underrated so far and she was brilliant in this episode.

Watching her team up with Kara for the sake of the children was a bit weird to watch. She was a woman her husband was in love with – and perhaps might still be as well – and she is trusting her with her family’s life? Well, unfortunately, the end was too predictable and quite certainly we now know how it will all end. Dorian’s mystery remains intact so let’s hope they do something redeeming with his avenue!

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