Treason – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Belova, the local head of the SVR captures Kara at the start of Treason episode 3 and warns her to stay away from Adam. Ella has PTSD from the kidnapping and is hiding it from her father. Adam informs mads of his decision to resign and says they have “things to talk about later”. He does not want to let his family drift away. It is his attempt to make it all right with mads and not keep her in the dark anymore.

Adam talks with Audrey and tells her about the evidence the opposition has against her. She flew in palliative care for her mother on a government plane. Audrey had a similar meeting with Sir Martin as Lord Nigel did and is wondering how this intel was leaked. Melnikov pushes Kara to finish the job and send it to Audrey the same day. In return, he promises to get her more time with Belova. Adam gets more information about Kirby, Audrey’s opponent, from Patrick and is surprised to find Kara involved with Melnikov. He asks Zoe to set up a meeting with him. But Adam decides to keep Patrick in the dark about it and he is pissed. Perhaps Adam lost his last friend at that moment…

“Pull out of the race, or we go public”, Kara tells Audrey. At the meeting, Adam sends a veiled threat to Melnikov about the blackmail plot when Audrey calls him panicky about Kara. Adam asks her to stand her ground but she isn’t sure. Mads takes the video from last night to Dede. Mads stands up for Adam and says that he is resigning. Dede assures her that Adam will be kept out of their investigation and they only want Kara. Mads is conflicted as to what to do. Melnikov meets Kara and tells her he cannot have MI6 attention. Once Kirby becomes PM, Melnikov gift-wraps him to the Kremlin and all is forgiven for him. When Kara says she won’t help him anymore, he threatens to turn her in.

Kara asks to meet Adam and mads gets a package from Dede. She puts the Hamilton card Dede gives her in Adam’s wallet. Mads gets a call in the middle of the night saying Adam is meeting Kara. All Mads needs to do is ID Kara and she’ll be done. Kara meets Adam and the CIA set sound pickers up near the spot. They record the whole conversation. Kara reveals that the CIA took Ella. Mads hears it in the van and loses it. Adam asks Kara to walk away but she is still insistent about what happened in Baku.

The CIA have it on record that Adam gave the file on Audrey to the Russians. When Kara sees an agent moving toward her, she and Adam split. Adam spots the gift card and mads talking to Dede. He turns the house upside down looking for more bugs. Kara trusts Adam after he does not give her away to the CIA. She calls him to Angelis’ house and says they must figure it out on their own. Adam takes the kids to the house and says to Mary that he had a big fight with mads.

Angelis’ homecoming coincides with Kara retrieving the files. It is risky but she needs to do it. Ella sees Kara and Adam together in the basement. But she agrees to help her father. Kara cannot find the files and Angelis comes home. As hard as Adam tries, Angelis tells him that he has always known about his involvement. The CIA came to him with suspicions and he did a little digging on Adam. He made the connection with Kara and thinks Adam is a double agent. Adam tries to tell Angelis that if Kirby becomes the PM, they will suffer.

But Angelis’ has his own agenda. He does not want to stop Kirby from winning as he wants the MI6 to become a powerful organization again and gain control over the country’s politics. Adam feels there is an actual double agent at the MI6 but Angelis will put him away no matter what as a Russian asset.

The Episode Review

Martin Angelis is a supervillain hiding in plain sight. His agenda was the highlight of the episode. But some more build-up could have helped. The writing felt quite weak and unaware to capitalize on that moment because it was a huge revelation in the scheme of the show. He has dirt on literally everyone important and has no intention of letting all that intel go to waste.

He is not an angel guardian, as we thought otherwise before this. But that seems to be the problem with Treason. The moment is right there for the taking but ignorance at the wrong time prevents this show from becoming special. There is too much going on with the convergence of the three intelligence agencies but yet, but they have yet to collide at the same time. The show is screaming for a save here. But we aren’t sure where will it come from.

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