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Episode 2

Episode 2 of Treason sees Adam talk to Kara about Ella but she says she has no clue. He does not lean toward believing her and Mads uses the pen Dede gave her to record their conversation. The next day, Kara’s claim turns out to be true as the agents converge on her boat but do not find Ella. Kara narrowly escapes. Mads tell Dede about the recording and she sits in her CIA van to record the conversation with her team. Dede comes clean with Mads about her assignment. She reveals that the CIA are tracking Adam’s meteoric rise and how many agents from the CIA have gone missing in the process.

Their guess about Adam is right and they feel he has been compromised. Mads angrily dismisses Dede’s plea for help but is torn between making a decision. The Minister meets Adam and asks him to step aside given his emotional attachment. She feels the kidnappers can leverage Ella for getting something they want. But Adam says he will stay put. Anton Melnikov, a Russian businessman turned philanthropist, funds Robert Kirby’s campaign to run for the PM office. Kara used to work Melnikov’s security detail in the past. She needs cash, a vehicle, and utilities. When Melnikov refuses, she retorts angrily.

She says if she can get Ella, Adam will give her anything. Melnikov tells her that Kirby’s opponent Audrey (the minister) did something sacrilegious in the past. Only the MI6 can know what actually happened. A swap is set between the two. Mads meets Dede and asks her for help. She reluctantly says yes and Mads gives her the recording. She finds pictures of Adam and Kara in his belongings. Kara says she has an ID for the man who kidnapped Ella. But she says they must meet for the same. They go together in the car. The kidnapper gets instructions to move the girl. Kara tells Adam that they work for Joanne Allinson. She runs a haulage company and a lucrative sideline business of bringing people in and out of the county illegally.

Adam goes in alone to get Ella. Kara, who said she would stand guard, instead goes in through the backdoor. The police too get the address and send a team. Kara wants to take Ella for herself to leverage Adam and get Melnikov’s information. When Adam reaches there, he does not find Ella and sees her drive away with Kara. She played him. He lies to Mads about who took Ella. Dede encourages Mads to think of herself and the kids and ditch Adam, who is now a traitor. Kara sets a trade-off: Ella for dirt on Audrey.

Adam goes to Martin’s home and tries to find the file on Audrey. Mary, his wife, is not forthcoming to tell him where the files are. But she is eventually brought to give them to him. He gets the intel and arranges a meeting with Kara. He also spots his name in the cabinet and finds a file where the CIA call him a person of interest. He says to mads that he will slip out alone to get Ella but she asks to come with him.

Mads clicks photos of Kara and Adam exchanging a file, secretly following him. Kara even kisses Adam on the cheek and says she will drop Ella safely. She is shortly reunited with Adam and Mads. Adam meets with Kit, someone he trusts closely, to ask him for his advice. He narrates the entire episode truthfully to Kit and shows his letter of resignation. It is the first time the word “treason” is mentioned in the show. Adam must now find and expose Kara to protect his family and get immunity from prosecution.

The Episode Review

It is almost always a defiant teenager or a suspicious woman who gets these television protagonists into trouble. It might be untrue in real life, but we have grown accustomed to seeing this happen in all such situations where someone can get leverage. Why couldn’t Ella stay with the security detail? Why did she have to go off on her own? She wants to be treated like an adult yet behaves like a child. For most teenagers it is natural but she must not get a free pass for this.

That was an easy way to progress the story as Kirby’s introduction is made in this episode. Adam is really in a stitch as far as Sir Martin is concerned. He should be more worried about himself as the old veteran has a file on almost everyone important! Mads fell into Dede’s trap. We all saw it coming but she couldn’t.

Something tells us that this might be the fatal mistake that eventually causes irreparable damage to the family. Honestly, for someone as smart as Mads, this decision did not feel in line with what her character should have been.

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  1. Ella and Mads are both idiots. Ella ditching her security is nonsensical and Mads turned on her husband pretty quick all because he bought a record at night?

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