Treason – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

A sniper aims at a couple at their house as episode 1 of Treason starts. They talk about fixing things. Suddenly, a boy comes out the door and the sniper’s aim is locked on him. Five days later we see the same man talking to a bunch of kids. He is an MI6 agent, deputizing in operations for his controller, Sir Martin.

He meets with Nigel and gives him a report prepared on Nigel for illegal immigration activity & extramarital affairs. Nigel is the President of the Supreme Court. Martin wins his favour by saying he won’t report it. Unbeknownst to them, a man sits in a van outside & dictates terms for a lady to go inside.

She dons the avatar of a server & mixes something in Martin’s drink. She makes sure he drinks it & then leaves through the backdoor. Martin feels lightheaded & collapses. The woman’s name is Kara & she leaves with the man in the van. They hit a delivery guy on the way. Adam Lawrence, the man with the kids, is informed of it. He leaves & calms his son, Callum. Martin was resuscitated in the ambulance. Lawrence calls Olamide, the Chief of staff for Martin. Lawrence talks to the Foreign Secretary & apprises her of the situation. She makes him the chief for the time being. Adam Lawrence thinks it might be a threat to national security.

Zoe will be Lawrence’s assistant for now and he will have a meeting with the CIA Director & NATO chief. He gets a call from Mads, the woman from the first scene. They are married & Lawrence tells her about Martin. The PM raises the security level & asks the MI 6 for hourly updates. Adam asks the agents to push their assets and get more actionable intelligence. Kara assures Thomas she will get him his money and asks him to sit tight. She gets a whiff of the police having discovered Thomas as the driver. And she cannot afford for him to be found. So, she kills him.

Ella, Adam’s older daughter has troubles with the situation Adam had predicted. Mads calms her down & Ella reluctantly agrees with the new situation. The police find Thomas’ body and Martin regains consciousness. He gives Adam encouragement to do his job & not trust anyone. He also thanks Adam for the books he gave him which surprises Adam. He investigates and using it gets an address for Jay’s Clothing store in Shoreditch. The books were kept there by Kara, whom he finds at the address. She reveals that she has been ousted from the SVR & that she poisoned Martin.

He gets the shock of his life when she reveals that all his accomplishments as an agent were because of her intel. He angrily walks away but Kara says that they’re only getting started. A CIA team is on their way to London and their target is Adam. Dede, one of Mads’ old friends, comes and meets her. She was the one who briefed the CIA team a while back. She is undercover & gets her approval to be the babysitter. At the movies, Kara calls Adam & tells him that the IDR will explode a bomb on the cross-channel ferry the next day. But she asks for a bargain. She wants the MI6 files from Baku, where 5 local men were killed.

He agrees and gives her the required intel. Adam goes with his family to the store and gets the necessary evidence to stop the explosion. He sneaks up at night but Mads gets a whiff. But he downplays the threats and keeps her in the dark. Adam calls Kara the next morning from the car but an officer hears him. Mads discusses Adam’s strange behaviour with Dede. Malik confronts Adam the next day in the meeting, asking him where he got the intel from. He handles it but there is doubt about him. Ella takes a different exit from the school and loses track of the security detail.

She finds herself being followed by a woman near the canal and gets the information to Adam. He feels it is Kara but there is someone else behind it. Ella is taken and it looks like the CIA team is the one who has her.

The Episode Review

Netflix drop another British television series about the MI6 that looks promising. Episode 1 set the tone quite nicely when we see Adam take the reins over from his former boss. But all is not jolly for the big man who has no time to celebrate his promotion and must take to the job immediately.

A lot went down in the episode and the pace was frantic. The CIA, MI5, and the SVR, all seem to coalesce in London in the coming episodes, making the outcome very unpredictable. There are still doubts about what the central conceit is. Kara wants something and Adam is gradually digging his own professional grave by contacting her and being reckless.

Next Episode

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