Transplant Season 4 Episode 3 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Transplant Season 4

Transplant is a Canadian medical series that’s been going strong now for four seasons. It follows Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed, a Syrian Civil War refugee and the newest resident at York Memorial Hospital.

Bashir navigates numerous obstacles to resume a career in the high stakes world of emergency medicine. Across seasons past, there’s been a constant flurry of drama – and season 4 is no exception.

If you’ve been following this one over the weeks, you may be curious to find out when the next episode is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Transplant Season 4 Episode 3, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch Transplant Season 4?

Transplant is a Canadian medical series, airing in Canada on CTV, before being available to watch on NBC on the same day. It’ll then be available to stream on Peacock a day later. This is an exclusive original series, meaning this is the only place you’ll b able to watch this one.

Transplant Season 4 Episode 3 Release Date

Transplant Season 4 Episode 3 will air on Friday 20th October at 9pm (ET) and then it’ll drop on Peacock at around 6am (ET) on the 14th. However for those in the UK and internationally, there’s no official release date for this one yet.

Transplant should drop with subtitles available whilst watching on catch-up with Peacock. Episode 3 is expected to be roughly 45 minutes long, which is consistent with the time-frame for the rest of the series.

How Many Episodes Will Transplant Season 4 Have?

NBC and CTV have confirmed that Transplant will have a total of 10 episodes, with 1 episode dropping a week. With that in mind, expect there to be 7 more episodes more to go.

Is There A Trailer For Transplant Season 4

Unfortunately not, no! However, CTV have uploaded a sneak-peek of the season 4 premiere so if you missed it, you can check that out below: 

What do you hope to see as the series progresses through the weeks? What’s been your favorite moment of Transplant so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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