Tower of God – Season 2 Episode 1 “Last Chance” Recap & Review

Last Chance

Episode 1 of Tower of God Season 2 continues from after Rachel betrays Bam and pushes him off the tower. He ends up several floors down, where he meets Hwaryun, who claims she will help him climb the tower. Meanwhile, Rachel has likely painted the narrative of Bam’s death, leading all his friends to believe they’ve lost him forever. As a result, Yuri visits the Zahard palace to ask one of her sisters, Zahard’s Princess Jaina, to find Bam.

The anime flashes forward to six years later. We see how difficult it is to pass the 20th floor, with its massive exam fee and the challenging test that causes many regulars to get stuck there. Unless one becomes an E-rank after passing the test, they cannot climb the Tower anymore.

We meet Ja Wangnan, who wants to climb the Tower but often fails due to its difficulty. He’s also under a huge debt because of the expensive exam fee, and unless he passes the next test, he will be in huge trouble.

In his final shot at the test, Ja Wangnan needs to survive 10 minutes in a room where players are allowed to fight. If incapacitated, they lose. Here, Ja Wangnan meets an unrecognizable Bam, who now goes by the alias Jue Viole Grace. Viole has wiped out every participant before him, and Wangnan pitches to sit out the rest of the time to save each other’s energy.

Interestingly, Viole complies. As players begin coming in, we meet a powerful man, Kang Horyang, a young girl looking for her parents, and the woman who knows the girl, Yeo Goseng. They all end up waiting for time to pass until the next round.

However, trouble arises when the last player shows up and picks a fight with the rest. This stirs Viole and incites a fight, revealing that Viole is a wave controller and also a part of the FUG, the most dangerous and secretive syndicate in the Tower, revolting against King Zahard.

They try to attack him together, with Ja Wangnan and the ladies trying to buy time for the next game to begin. By a fraction of a second, Ja Wangnan escapes Viole’s fatal blow before the game ends. Viole leaves for the next round alone, reminiscing about his friends from another life as Bam.

The Episode Review

“Tower of God” Season 2 breaks completely from the last season and begins with an introduction to new characters and a renewed Bam, who’s now joined the FUG. There’s an undeniable difference in his demeanour; from the cheerful and friendly Bam, he’s transformed into a formidable Jue Viole Grace.

One of the striking differences this season is undoubtedly the animation. There’s a huge jump from the sketchy drawings of Season 1 to the striking animation of Season 2. It makes one do a double take upon Yuri’s appearance; she looks so different!

Overall, we cannot help but be excited for one of the best webtoon adaptations to finally get a Season 2! Are you ready to climb the Tower?


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