Totally Killer (2023) Movie Review – A fun time travel horror comedy

Back to the Future Meets Scream

Slasher movies are back in business, and the latest offering in the newly invigorated subgenre is a movie called Totally Killer, available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

It’s on the lighter side of the slasher spectrum, having more in common with movies like Happy Death Day and Freaky, with comedy being the main focus. 

Jamie is a teenage girl in the modern day, getting ready for Halloween and trying to get her uptight mum, Pam, to lighten up. However, there’s a reason her mum is like this, as three of her high school friends were brutally murdered back in 1987 by the sweet sixteen killer. The killer strikes again in 2023, with Jamie and her friends targeted this time around. She finds herself being transported back in time via her friend Amelia’s photo booth time machine. 

You guessed it, she’s back in 1987 and tasked with solving the cold case murders before they can happen. It’s Back to the Future meets Scream, with the iconic slasher even being referenced on a couple of occasions. She must get to grips with some of the ‘triggering’ differences between Gen X and Gen Z, including insensitive sports logos and problematic language. There’s a hilarious scene involving a discussion about DNA being used to solve the crimes, with the police laughing it off as some kind of ridiculous suggestion. 

There are a couple of well-choreographed murder scenes, one including a water bed, which is both amusing and brutal, and Kiernan Shipka is perfectly cast as the final girl on a mission to solve the murders. Yes, that is Don Draper’s daughter from Mad Men playing her.

Overall, Totally Killer is a diverting new spin on the slasher genre that will have your head spinning. While you try to work out what’s going on in the timeline, you’ll have a wildly entertaining time throughout. 


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  • - 8/10

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