Totally Killer (2023) Ending Explained – Who is the Sweet Sixteen Killer?

Totally Killer Plot Summary 

Jamie is a a high school teen getting ready for Halloween and trying to convince her mum, Pam, to lighten up a bit. Pam’s paranoia is due to her past experiences, which saw three of her high school friends brutally slain back in 1987 by a killer who was never caught. The killer strikes again in 2023, with Jamie and her friends targeted this time around. She finds herself being transported back in time to 1987 via a photo booth time machine, and must solve the cold case murders before they can happen. 

Who is the Sweet Sixteen Killer?

The culprit in Totally Killer is revealed to be a geeky kid called Doug Summers, who grew up to be the principal at Jamie’s school. Doug’s motive stems from the fact that he dated ‘Fat Trish,’ who was bullied by Pam and her friends. The group then got her drunk at a sleepover, and Trish drove home drunk, got into a crash and died. This led to Doug seeking revenge. 

However, there’s a twist. The 1987 killer is not the same killer as the one who murdered Pam in 2023. This present-day killer is true-crime obsessed podcaster Chris. He was desperate for new material to keep his podcast alive, so he murdered Jamie’s mum on Halloween night. Chris travelled back in time with the intention of killing Jamie to stop the truth from coming out. 

They have a fight in the time machine, with Jamie coming out on top and Chris dying at her hands, leaving Jamie able to travel back to 2023. 

How does Totally Killer end? 

On her return to 2023, Jamie goes home to find that her mother, Pam, is very much alive and still married to her dad. She sits on the porch of her house, and Amelia’s mom approaches her to tell Jamie that the timeline she returned to is slightly different from the one before she time travelled back to 1987. 

The biggest of the changes comes in the form of Jamie’s new brother, 34-year-old Jamie…wait…

Turns out Jamie’s parents got together way earlier in high school and had a son first and called him Jamie. This caused the timeline to alter, meaning teenage girl Jamie is now called Colette. Confused yet? 

The movie ends, and as the credits roll, there are excerpts from a notebook that reveal all the other changes to the timeline inflicted by Jamie/Colette’s time travelling expedition back to 1987. 

The revelation of Principal Summers as the Sweet Sixteen Killer and his death back in 1987 changed the timeline significantly, meaning the new principal is now the football jock, Randy. It’s also revealed that 2023’s killer, Chris, had a chance of redemption of sorts by staying out of trouble in the present day, with Pam keeping an eye on her former timeline murderer. 


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