Torus – Sail | Album Review

Track List

Did It Again
Hurt You


Milton Keynes band Torus certainly goes in heavy with their EP Sail. The act spread their wisdom through the music industry, and keep on growing beyond the norm. Their stylish approach firmly places them steadily towards the limelight, and with Sail, they’re only going to gain more momentum.

Composure is fundamental in this industry, and so many acts lack the ingenuity to keep the ball rolling, but Torus seems to be on point here.

Sail packs so much in, despite only being 4 songs. The instrumentals are sublime as always, and the grungy notes will remind people of bands such as Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age and many others. And being compared to bands like that can only be a good thing for Torus and the rock scene they inhabit.

The instrumentals can be breakneck at times on these tracks, while the vocals balance everything out, keeping in-sync all that is good about the record. While everything seems upbeat, there is an undercurrent of emotion bubbling, coursing throughout. Lyrically, the band explores hurt, redemption, hope and a sudden shift in belief.

‘Sail’ opens the EP with thumping percussion and rallying cries. The vocals are gritty, and the guitar frenzy chaotic but enthralling. This is anarchy. ‘Did It Again’ begins like a Queens Of The Stone Age song. It’s intense and guitar driven, delivering those sharp hooks. Lyrically, the band has lost all hope in the system.

‘Clone’ is a blast of grunge and punk mixed up, and wouldn’t look out of place on an early Nirvana album.

Torus break ground and these 4 songs deliver a level of intelligence. They all pack an almighty punch.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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