Top Boy – Season 3 Episode 5 “Has It Come To This” Recap & Review

Has It Come To This

Episode 5 of Top Boy season 3 begins with Sully meeting Kieron over at Amanda’s place. Sully is convinced that Kieron is the weak link here but he’s not saying anything about Jaq’s play. Instead, he deflects and claims that it’s Jamie’s old crew, involving Si, who are the ones responsible.

Back at Summerhouse, Mandy organizes the community when bailiffs show up, orchestrating another sit-down protest. As they do, Sully shows up to see Si and his crew. They mention Highbury House and Si is genuinely baffled and in the dark about this. Unfortunately, Sully smacks him in the mouth and holds him up at gunpoint. With blood pouring out his mouth, he vomits and Stef is forced to watch all of this play out, burning his flames of vengeance.

With Si’s place a bust (as we knew it would be), the group head back to see Jaq. Kieron messages ahead of time to warn that they’re coming. Sully, having seen how truthful people are when faced with death, knows that Si isn’t responsible.

The Lizzie investigation grinds to a halt in the middle of this, as Dushane’s lawyer rings and tells him the bad news. Thanks to the MIT listing Dushane as the prime suspect in Jeffrey’s murder, things are looking dicey. His DNA and fingerprints are all over the crime scene, which puts the entire operation in a dour position.

Jaq hightails it away, and decides to skip town. She knows things aren’t going to go well, especially when Sully and Dushane figure out she’s double-crossed them and taken the drugs. She rushes to Becks’ place and tells her to be ready in 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, Dushane and Sully demand he speak to her on loudspeaker but thankfully she doesn’t answer. Jaq shows up at Becks’ place and they manage to leave just in time.

Kieron is smart and deletes the messages to Jaq that he sent earlier in the day. Dushane and Sully believe him (for now) and he’s allowed to go back to Summerhouse. As for Jaq, she knows her days are numbered and explains to Becks why she stole the drugs. She wanted to stop the heroin flowing into Summerhouse but given they’re now on the run for an indefinite amount of time, Jaq realizes the hopelessness of their endeavour. As a result, she decides to speak to Sully.

Stef reflects on what’s happened to Si with Erin and the pair discuss their horrific experiences with seeing their parental figure die before their eyes. Both have common ties, namely that being Sully having killed them both. It’s a touching chat and one that brings the pair closer together, connecting over the injustices of the world. One thing’s very clear here though – Sully is going to get his comeuppance one way or another.

Dushane meets with his lawyer, who urges him to get out the country. The police are tightening the noose around his neck and right now, it seems there’s no way out for Dushane. His lawyer brings up the name Isaac Latif, who’s 100% reliable and can get him out the country – for a cost. 250k was the price for the last guy but Dushane’s lawyer reminds him that he’s lent a hefty amount of cash for this endeavour. He tells Dushane that he’ll round it down to 42k, which he can give to Isaac when he sees him. “Good luck,” He says to close things out.

Dushane needs his Jamaican passport but it’s back at his home, which is currently being watched. He needs someone to get it back. And that someone comes from Shelley’s friend.

Dushane speaks to Shelley’s friend and admits that the cops are watching his place and he needs her to get his passport for her, along with some cash. Thankfully, the police don’t have her face face pulled from CCTV and they don’t flag her on the way in. She grabs the stuff and prepares to leave, but Dushane is lurking about outside and he’s spotted by undercover police, who chase him away.

Jaq shows up to see Sully and admits that she has all the drugs. She’s in a bad place mentally and after losing her sister to the drugs, along with the damage it’s done to the community, she wants to be out of this. Sully shrugs off Lauryn’s death and claims she killed herself. Jaq promises to bring the drugs back but she wants a pass. Unfortunately, Sully refuses given he doesn’t trust her anymore.

She knows that Sully is going to decide whether to kill her or not, and her pleas to keep Becks and the baby safe falls on deaf ears. Sully bitterly calls her disgusting and demands she bring the cash back that night.

Dushane believes he’s got away but when he heads back to Summerhouse, he notices the police there and another car behind. Unfortunately, that car strikes one of the kids and kills him in cold blood. Stef isn’t part of this ruckus and he’s still contemplating how to deal with Sully, bringing out the gun he has stashed under his bedside cabinet.

The girl’s name is Elisha and she’s lifeless, lying in a pool of her own blood. With all the ruckus downstairs, Dushane barricades up his old house and decides to lay low. However, things look set to escalate downstairs, as some of the crowd scream “murderers!” at the police.

While Dushane is held out, Jaq rings and informs him what she’s done. She wants him to be there too, believing that he’s more of a voice of reason. However, there’s no voice of reason outside, as Mandy’s pleas fall on deaf ears in the wake of this deceased girl. Everything kicks off. One of the group is held up by the police, while another throws a Molotov inside the cop car. Everything looks set to spiral out of control, setting up a particularly volatile finale to follow.

The Episode Review

And so it all comes down to this. The tensions between the police and the gangs has been a prevalent part of Top Boy’s story and that’s plain to see here too. Seeing how the parallel stories we’ve been following are all starting to come full circle now is one of the better parts of the narrative.

What’s especially interesting is the reinforced idea, right the way through this series, that the smallest actions can sometimes have the biggest consequences. Here, for example, we see Dushane rushing away from the police. They give chase and end up hitting that girl, Elisha, and it escalates to a big riot outside Summerhouse, throwing petrol on an already volatile fire.

Quite who is going to come out of this in one piece remains to be seen but right now, everything is resting on a particularly precarious knife-edge.

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