Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 7 “We Ride Out For Family” Recap & Review

We Ride Out For Family

Episode 7 of Top Boy Season 2 begins with Curtis and Vee heading down to London, intent on finding Lauryn. She’s still at Beck’s place, with Jaq continuing to try and hide her sister no matter what.

Curtis and Vee begin searching for Lauryn. After breaking into her place and looking around, they find nothing and leave. However, you can sense they’re just getting started.

Meanwhile Sully is back in London and he joins Dushane, informing him that Spain has been dealt with and shipments will be coming in soon. He also warns that Jamie appears to have been scheming behind his back.

After Shelley’s confession last episode, she heads out into the woods where she buried the body. Digging it up, she manages to work to cover this up completely, using Mandy’s contacts to get rid of the body forever.

While they work to get rid of the evidence, Curtis and Vee arrive at Shelley’s Nail Salon looking for Lauryn. There’s only Naomi there and she doesn’t know anything about Lauryn. Word of this does reach Jaq though, who realizes that everything is closing in on her. She has no choice but to tell Dushane.

Jamie though has problems of his own, coming to blows with Aaron and then being confronted by Dushane at his apartment. He believes Jamie is responsible for killing Ats, doing so to send a message and step up to become boss. According to Dushane, Jamie had Kit kill Dexter to cover everything up.

Jamie swears this isn’t right but in order to prove his loyalty, he now needs to turn on his own brothers.

Jamie heads over to Kit’s place where Kit admits to what’s happened. Jamie is shocked, realizing they’re both screwed – especially when Dushane finds out.

Having heard about Lauryn, Dushane arrives in the diner where Curtis happens to be waiting for him. The pair have a tense conversation, with Dushane eventually telling Curtis there’s no chance of him getting Lauryn back.

However, Curtis and Vee decide to keep tailing Dushane’s boys after they leave, determined to disrupt his business and send a proper message.

Vee and Curtis follow two of the guys, Samsi and Bradders,  holding them up at gunpoint. Curtis steals a bag full of money and decides to set up a trade – Dushane’s money and drugs for Lauryn.

Meanwhile, Ruben meets detectives Lee and Sarah, trying to strike a deal with them. He brings up Bobby Raikes – the guy Dushane and Sully both killed way back in season 1 – as additional information. In exchange though, he wants a lot of assurances. It appears Ruben is close to snitching but whether he’ll go through with this or not remains to be seen.

As the episode closes out, everything comes crumbling down around Dushane. Curtis threatens Dushane with an unnerving video call, Wilson (Ruben’s lawyer) rings and claims he’s been fired, while Dushane receives word that his mum has passed away.

The Episode Review

It’s a shame that the best episode of the season comes right at the end. With the situation in Spain seemingly resolved now, the attention turns closer to home as we see the situation involving Lauryn and Curtis reach fever pitch.

Seeing how this ties into Dushane ad his operation is something that promises a massive finale that could have huge consequences for all involved.

Personally though, I wish they’d just had this storyline as the central focus this year, bubbling up a gang war between those in Liverpool and those down in London.

The season has still been enjoyable and delivers some excellent drama here, leaving the door wide open for the finale to come.

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