Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 6 “De Capa Y Espada” Recap & Review

De Capa Y Espada

Episode 6 of Top Boy Season 2 begins with Jaq grabbing a girl called Keziah and bundling her in the back of her car. She’s involved in Ats murder, given she’s the girl from the surveillance footage. She claims not to be involved, as Jaq promises to kill the guy who killed Ats. In exchange, she’ll be able to leave. So naturally, she spills the beans.

The guy’s name is Dexter and he’s currently held out in a place called Bow. When Dushane finds out, he decides to deal with this himself personally.

In Spain, Jamie is surprised to find Sully show up. He’s there to straighten things out with Juan… and to keep an eye on Jamie too, promising to bury him if things go sideways.

So Sully meets with Juan, agreeing to his original terms. However, Sully wants shipments to come in every week but it would also mean some of these will need to be seized to keep things ticking over.

Sully also has the down-payment he asked for too but makes a bold choice to send a message to everyone else. She shoots Juan and his men in cold blood. Sully also claims to know what Jamie has been up to as well, scoffing at Juan mentioning “big plans.”

Back in London, Lauryn happens to be crashing at Beck’s place, but she’s not exactly happy about it. Curtis rings Jaq from Lauryn’s phone but Jaq plays the part well, claiming she doesn’t know where her sister is.

It seems to work too but Vee isn’t convinced. She calls Lauryn scum, going on to mention how she has gangster friends and it’s not worth pursuing her anymore. Curtis though is dead-set on bringing her back.

Meanwhile, Dushane’s mum is moved out but Pat comes flying in with big news. It turns out they’ve changed the social housing provision. It originally stated 29% but it’s actually closer to 5. As they all bemoan what this means, one person who’s not here is Dushane.

Dushane happens to be in court, watching as Ruben Miller tries to appeal bail to the crown court. With serious charges against him, they refuse bail.

Sarah – the officer in charge – stands up and mentions how the police are intensifying their search for Dushane right now. Dushane leaves when he hears this, realizing this isn’t the last he’ll hear from the police, and concerned with Ruben could end up snitching.

Back around Summerhouse, Shelley is confronted by Beverly who demands she hand over 20k to shut her up completely. So what has Bev got against Shelley?

Well, it turns out Shelley’s ex hit Ryan, who has ties with Bev. On the way down from the hit, he smashed his head on the corner of the table, blood everywhere.

Shelley wanted To call an ambulance but her ex refused. Ryan was buried, but as Bev was there too, Shelley’s DNA happened to be all over the body, so Bev has been using this as a bargaining chip to blackmail her.

Remember Dexter? Well, it turns out he happens to have ties with Kit, who runs in Jamie’s gang. Kit was the one who encouraged Dexter to scare Ats but it all escalated from there when he ended up shanking Ats.

As Dexter tries to leave, Dushane shows up outside with his boys. With little other choice but to save his own life, Kit smashes Dexter’s head in and kills the guy, intending to cover his own tracks.

With gunshots echoing in the air, everyone leaves but Dushane remains wary and suspicious of Kit’s move.

The Episode Review

There is so much going on this season with little subplots cropping up all over the place. Of course, this feeds into the larger life of those in Summerhouse, serving as a slice of life drama to depict the criminal underworld of London.

The glue that holds all of this together is, of course, the drama in Spain and London with Dushane’s operation.

Seeing Sully now back on terms with Dushane is a surprise, as is him showing up in Spain. Unfortunately for Jamie, it also means Sully has caught wind of their business plans and it appears he’s onto him now.

With 2 hour-long episodes left, Top Boy leaves everything wide open as this season looks to really ramp up the tension now.

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