Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 5 “15 Points” Recap & Review

15 Points

Episode 5 of Top Boy Season 2 starts with a video of Sully doing the rounds, with him being beaten down by Cyprus and his boys. Everyone at Summerhouse ends up seeing this, meaning there could be serious ramifications coming their way.

Jaq is one of those who sees the video and she hurriedly heads over to Dushane’s place to let him know.

In Morocco, Jamie feeds back to Dushane that the situation has been dealt with and he’ll be heading home soon. Dushane wants him back, urging him to head out on the road for his next job. However, speaking to Chaash sees Jamie’s conviction waver, as he rings Lizzie and decides to work together with her.

Emilio drives Jamie up to see Juan, warning this could be bad. While at the petrol station, Jamie phones Dushane and lets him know he’s meeting Juan, spinning this as a lucrative deal for them both and making sure no more shipments are intercepted or stolen, increasing both their profits.

Meanwhile, Lauryn finds herself in a tough situation when Vee takes her phone away. Curtis takes Vee’s side over Lauryn’s, claiming she doesn’t need it and that social media and 5g aren’t good for the baby.

Lauryn is shocked, but when Curtis turns hostile she backs down, not wanting a big confrontation. She does manage to convince him to drive her out to the department store, needing new maternity clothes. Unfortunately when they get there, Curtis decides to send Vee in… until Lauryn starts bursting into tears

Finally left alone, Lauryn decides to make a run for it, charging out of the fire exit and hurrying down to escape Curtis and Vee. It doesn’t take long for the others to figure out what’s happening, but she manages to get in a taxi and escape Curtis just as he shows up and begins pounding on the glass. It’s certainly touch and go for a while though during this nail-biting segment.

On the hunt for Sully, Jaq and the boys show up at the barge and find Peggy in the woods. Speaking to her, she brings up Cyprus’ name, which in turn sees Dushane ringing and promising to lay him out if he doesn’t give Sully back. However, Cyprus wants his gear and everything is left hanging in the balance.

Meanwhile, Jamie meets Juan who promises to crush him and Dushane if he tries moving product on his turf. Jamie suggests thy cut out hostility and just focus on business. Juan wants 25% of the profits and a 100,000 euro down-payment too. In exchange, Dushane and Jamie will get free movement and protection.

Getting nowhere, Jamie angles a separate business proposition, pointing out that he could go into business and cut out Dushane completely. In doing so, this would allow the Duques to come into play, with Juan claiming they can bring in up to ten times more product.

It’s a dangerous game and one that’ll be interesting to see whether Dushane or Jamie comes out of on top.

Back in London, Jaq figure out where Sully is being kept and breaks in to an abandoned shop after-hours. Several people are shot dead, while Sully is found beaten but still alive, held up in the storage cupboard. In order to hide the evidence, Dushane orders Kieron to grab some petrol cans and flaming the place out, hiding evidence that they were even there.

As the group scramble out and head home, Jamie messages Dushane with the deal he’s been given while Jaq cleans herself up. Only, a knock at the door sees a teary Lauryn arrive, needing a place to stay.

The Episode Review

Lauryn finally manages to escape the horrors of Vee and Curtis, with her scenes incredibly moving and wracked in tension right the way through. The hug she gives Jaq at the end is really moving and it’s a pretty powerful moment too, one that could end up having repercussions in the future should Curtis try to find her and track his partner down.

Meanwhile, Sully is found in the abandoned shop with the shootout at the end a nice way to pepper in some action in what’s otherwise been a rather subdued season, with not much in the way of outright action of thriller elements.

However, the drama across in Spain and Morocco is certainly intriguing and seeing Jamie potentially getting the one-up over Dushane, undermining his business and deciding to try and play his hand brings up a nice power dynamic that’ll be interesting to see play out.

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