Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 4 “Fully Loaded Headache” Recap & Review

Fully Loaded Headache

Episode 4 of Top Boy Season 2 begins with Ruben behind bars. Thee vehicles the police have been stopping all have been registered to his name and for the last six months, they’ve been collecting evidence. But not against him. In fact, they want to use Ruben to get to Dushane, as he’s the one they’re interested in taking down.

Jeffrey arrives in the morning to see Dushane but he’s got a problem. The redevelopment is being halted right now thanks to several residents refusing to leave – one of those happens to be Dushane’s mother.

The old-school method used to be breaking legs but that’s obviously not an option in 2022  – and certainly not against Dushane’s mum. So Dushane decides to head down and deal with this personally. His mum gives a scathing assessment of what’s currently happening with his son, eventually admitting with disgust that her water has been cut off completely.

Sully shows up to see Shelley at her nail salon, wanting to try and get Mandy a job to get her life back on track. Shelley agrees to take her on but she’s haunted by Beverley, forced to hand over funds and succumb to her will.

In Tangier, Morocco Jamie touches down and is driven into the heart of town by Mounir. There, he meets Chaash, the guy we saw earlier in thee season who had Dushane down on his knees. He promises to deal with this drug situation and figure out if anyone in the organization is rat and feeding information to the feds.

Jamie is a smart guy though, smarter than Dushane it seems. It turns out Mounir is actually the one in charge, hiding behind the facade of Chaash. It’s clever, and they’re quick to point that out to him. They also mention how the rat is definitely on the Moroccan side. But who could it be?

Down on the beach, Jamie meets a young hustler who happens to be living there, with nowhere to go. This boy wants to get to Spain to see his sister but while Jamie isn’t able to help, he does spend some time with him, playing football to pass the time.

Sully continues to work with Pebbles, heading off to see Cyprus, the man who’s responsible for the drugs she stole. When Sully arrives at their gym, they point out Pebbles is the one in the wrong here. Sully claims it was a mistake but when they start talking compensation, Sully pulls a gun and stops this in its tracks. However, he does promise to settle this in the morning.

Speaking of settling, down in Morocco things take another bad turn when the police show up on the shore again and intercept another package. Only this time it’s a dud. With the feds waiting for them, Chaash turns the gun on his own bodyguard, Khrito, realizing he’s the one responsible. Shooting him in cold blood, it seems they’ve stopped the leak.

In the middle of the night, Sully awakens to hear Pebbles calling out for help. It’s Cyprus’s boys. They search his barge while holding him up at gunpoint but the drugs aren’t there. It turns out Pebbles has sold Sully out, trying to resolve this situation on her own. Unfortunately Sully is beaten down to a pulp and dragged off with them.

The Episode Review

There are various different storylines going on this year and the result is a second season that feels quite sporadic and frantic with a lot going on. The Sully situation appears to be a way to get him playing ball with Dushane, while Shelley’s past is coming back to haunt her too, which could tie into a larger storyline further on down the line.

The Dushane situation and what’s happening in Spain and Morocco is far more interesting though and it does appear that they’ve found the leak now. Whether there’s more to this than that though remains to be seen.

One thing’s for sure, this conflict is far from over and as we cross the halfway point of this season, everything is left wide open for where it may go next.

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