Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 3 “Likkle Flavour” Recap & Review

Likkle Flavour

Episode 3 of Top Boy Season 2 begins with the drug shipment being brought up on shore. Unfortunately, police intercept the deal and find the early stash. With Mounir watching on from afar, he hurriedly heads back to let Dushane know what’s happened. If feds were there waiting for them, Dushane realizes they have a rat in their operation.

With big problems in Spain, Dushane tasks Jaq with heading out and seeing Sully. He needs someone to go out to Spain and try and sort this out. At the same time, he also tasks Jaq with resolving Ats’ murder.

There’s a lot on her plate but after passing on Dushane’s message, he eventually meets his old pal in the diner. There’s a lot of bad blood between Dushane and Sully, stemming way back to the earlier seasons.

Eventually Sully pounces on Dushane but Kieron and the others are quick to break it up. That’s an emphatic no from Sully in terms of getting involved. Instead, Dushane turns to Jamie, who doesn’t have much of a choice but to leave in the morning.

With Jamie out the country, Dushane tasks Jaq with branching out and looking after Jamie’s crew. Jaq meets Lauryn, who’s heavily pregnant and stuck in a controlling relationship. Curtis demands she return in the next 30 minutes after constantly ringing her, but Lauryn pleads with Jaq for help in getting out of this situation. Jaq promises to help soon but things don’t look good.

With the Summerhouse redevelopment starting to take shape, Shelley meets up with some of the residents who try to come up with a report to fight back against Summerhouse being knocked down.

Pat wants to use her savings but Shelley suggests speaking to her son. Despite rejecting the offer, Shelley heads off herself and speaks to Dushane, asking for some funds to work on fighting back against the development. The irony here is that Dushane is the one investing, and he eventually reveals that to her. Shelley is shocked.

When Sully heads back to his barge, Pebbles is there to see him. She’s in a lot of trouble, unable to go home, as people are after her following her partner, Rashaun, taking the drugs for himself.

Sully shows up to see Rashaun and warns that this could get bad very fast. Although he plays dumb, Sully decides to come back later on at night and send a proper message. It doesn’t take long for him to hand over the drugs, although his version of events claims that it was Pebbles who goaded him into taking them in the first place.

Lizzie is back in London and approaches Jamie before he heads out to see the suppliers. She comes up with an alternate coup, something that would see the pair make millions by cutting Dushane out of the deal. Given Juan is the key here, she believes they can go into business together, likening it to a second chance for them.

Jaq tracks down the boy who mugged her and Becks, beating him to a bloody pulp. She takes the bag back and brings it back to her lover, apologizing for what’s happened.

In the middle of the night, everything turns upside down. Dushane receives a call from Ruben who drops off Noah and hurries out, telling him to talk to his sister.

The Episode Review

More subplots come into play this episode, as Jamie is en-route to Spain but with a big decision to make – will he decide to team up with Lizzie or not?

Meanwhile, Sully is back in the game, at least a little anyway, as he goes off searching for Rashaun after some drama involving Pebbles. This whole subplot feels a little redundant if I’m honest, not adding very much to the show. Then again, it could feed into a larger plot over time so we’ll have to wait and see for now.

However, the situation involving Dushane and the redevelopment of Summerhouse is the big drama here and that’s just starting to become a bigger deal than it currently is, especially with the situation in Spain resting so precariously on a knife-edge.

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