Top Boy – Season 2 Episode 2 “How Do I Fix This?” Recap & Review

How Do I Fix This?

Episode 2 of Top Boy Season 2 begins with news of Ats’ death spreading across Summerhouse. Jaq sits by the beach, writing out a note that reads “I’m sorry”, while police arrive and question the residents about what they may know.

Of course, the police aren’t exactly favourable around here but Kieron has big news, which he shares with Jaq. He’s found footage of Ats being grabbed by an unknown female and a couple of other men late at night, who bundle him into their car. Jaq distributes the picture across to the others.

Amma has more problems to contend with beyond Atticus death though. She’s received a letter from immigration confirming she’s being deported.

Dushane arrives in Spain where he touches down and learns the shooting was payback. Juan has switched sides and is now working with their competitors. Dushane wants to throw money as this but Juan doesn’t work that way. That’s something Emilio is quick to point out but in order to come up with a solution, Dushane wants to talk to them.

Emilio does eventually manage to set up a meet, with Dushane bound for La Linear to meet a man called Mounir. He forces Lizzie to go home, pointing out he doesn’t need her anymore.

Thankfully the man Dushane is meeting does speak English and they talk about the situation. Dushane is not happy and realizes Mounir is playing for time. Eventually he convinces Mounir to bring his boss in, although he’s quick to point out he’s not going to like this.

As they drive together, they stop in the middle of nowhere where two muscly men step in the car, bag Dushane, and point a gun to his head. Eventually Dushane is brought to an estate and forced down on his knees. He meets Mounir’s boss, who promises that he’s going to sort it all out but they need some time to move this big shipment.

In Summerhouse, Jaq gathers the troops and starts trying to find the girl. They believe she looks about 15 or so, which would mean she’s still in school. After throwing shade at Jamie, Jaq receives a tip-off that she’s been seen in the shopping center. When they get there though, they chase after her but it’s not the right girl.

After a tough night, Jaq meets Becks in an underground bar. However, a teary Lauryn phones asking for help, claiming Curtis is trouble. Jaq hangs up but as she heads outside with Becks, the pair are confronted by a group of boys who call them out for being lesbians and beat them down, stealing their bags.

The Episode Review

So Top Boy Season 2 is now operating on two fronts – one in Spain and the other in London. With drugs being shipped out and Dushane right in the heart of this whole dilemma, there’s both a murder mystery element to this (Ats death) and more of an overarching crime thriller vibe too.

The ensuing result is a season that feels a bit more expansive than the first, although characters like Sully have felt wasted so far and haven’t had a whole lot to do.

I’d imagine we’ll see more of Lauryn and Curtis this year, while Jamie’s part to play in all this – working for Dushane in Spain – is going to have a larger role in the conflict ahead.

Either way though, Top Boy is just starting to slip into a consistent rhythm.

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