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Top 10 Characters In The Big Bang Theory

One of the most loved and stimulating American sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory revolves around two best friends and roommates Sheldon Cooper, a theoretical physicist, and Leonard Hofstadter, an experimental physicist. Their lives are transformed when Penny, a charming waitress who is an aspiring actress, moves into the flat next to theirs.

Their close friends Raj, who is an astrophysicist, and Howard, an MIT engineer who resides with his mom, happen to be a core part of their social group as well. A number of other characters have come a long way over time to become series regulars, including the microbiologist Bernadette Rostenkowski, the neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler and the owner of the comic book store Stuart Bloom.

There are numerous relatable characters throughout the show, countless hilarious and touching sequences, as well as a memorable ongoing plotline. Overall, the characters in the sitcom have evolved significantly over the seasons as viewers have grown to love them. Without further ado, let’s rank each character from worst to best based on how well-developed their arcs are.

10. Stuart Bloom

Stuart became a crucial supporting character despite starting as the strange comic book owner. Stuart’s story didn’t interfere with the overall plot and played a very specific role in the television series. He delivered a number of comedy relief scenes throughout the show.

Stuart wasn’t specifically a nerd like the rest of the guys, but he had the personality of a geek. He brought an edge and variety to the group of characters, which were otherwise somewhat homogeneous.

9. Mary Cooper

Mary has disagreements with her son from her very first appearance. Mary had been a devout Christian, whereas Sheldon had a passion for science. They had ideological debates, but Mary always had Sheldon’s best interests at heart. She always supported him and, when required, disciplined him.

Mary was undoubtedly the most likable parent among the adults shown in the series. She turned out to be the mother Sheldon needed, despite her occasional fanaticism.

8. Dr Beverly Hofstadter

Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, who portrayed Leonard’s mother, is chilly, bitter, and very critical. She was basically a harsher version of Sheldon. She traumatized Leonard to a certain extent when he was a kid, so her only strength came from the comical scenes.

Beverly didn’t have the same sense of humor as the majority of the other characters. Rather than appealing to nerds, she was more science-minded, and her humor was frequently accidental. Because of how well these elements worked together, the character was surprisingly likable.

Even though her character development hasn’t been the best, it is still noteworthy. We see her acknowledge her shortcomings in raising Leonard towards the end of the show, and she even develops a bond with Penny. She is a fascinating person who most people would want to figure out.

7. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

Before landing a position at the pharmaceutical firm ZanGen, Bernadette earns a PhD. in microbiology. Later, Bernadette marries Howard Wolowitz. Without Bernadette, Howard would not have evolved into the person he ended up becoming. She drew Howard in with her tenderness, patience, and determination.

Howard was frequently challenged to step outside of his comfort zone by Bernadette, who also worked on advancing herself in her microbiologist profession.

When speaking to Howard as well as her friends, Bernadette was sly and pushy at times. This isn’t always problematic in relation to the show because the conflict she sparks typically livens things up in the show.

6. Leonard Leaky Hofstadter

The experimental physicist is brilliant as we learn that he received a PhD at the age of 24. Socially awkward people who wish to be more sociable can relate to Leonard. He connects to Penny as part of wanting to push himself outside his comfort zone, and the two go on to have one of the greatest relationships in the show.

Additionally, through his arguments with Sheldon, it is consistently evident that Leonard understands conflict resolution better than the majority of the characters do.

5. Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali

Despite living alone, the astrophysicist enjoys spending time with the group. His bond with Howard truly stands out because fans love watching the antics the two executed on their evenings out and how they always supported one another during their most trying times.

Raj’s character grows significantly as we see him evolve into a more outgoing, confident, and self-assured person, despite initially being shy and reserved, to the extent where he couldn’t even talk to women.

4. Howard Joel Wolowitz

Howard was yet another character who underwent an important transition as the seasons progressed. When he first met Penny, Howard had a strange sense of humor and was somewhat pushy. However, once he starts dating and then eventually marries Bernadette, viewers discover more from Howard’s passionate nature.

As the show came to an end, Howard evolved into a devoted husband, an affectionate father, and an ideal family man.

3. Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy experiences loneliness throughout her life till she meets Sheldon and the group. Amy is depicted as having the same social awkwardness and intellectual ability as Sheldon.

Amy gradually transforms into a warm, laid-back companion from a chilly, analytical woman. Additionally, Amy plays a part in instilling empathy in Sheldon. Sheldon, on the other hand, always pushed her to be better and constantly urged her to go after great things when it came to her scientific field.

As the show came to an end, Amy ended up being a role model for women in science as she shared the Nobel Prize with her husband Sheldon.

2. Penny Teller-Hofstadter

Penny is the exact opposite of Sheldon. To help viewers fully understand the brilliant minds in the group, Penny first played the dumb blonde archetype in the show. We discovered that she is street smart as the seasons progressed.

Every season, viewers got to learn a little bit more about her character’s nuances. Initially, she is a struggling actor who is working at The Cheesecake Factory. She dates dull guys and has an extremely low sense of self. Penny married Leonard and became a well-paid pharmaceutical representative by the end of the tale.

Penny improved herself and the people around her. She’s not only one of the most endearing characters in the show, but also its most significant one.

1.  Sheldon Lee Cooper

Sheldon Cooper turned out to be the series’ best character, as well as the protagonist who viewers identified with most strongly. Early on in the series, Sheldon repeatedly displayed signs of OCD and he lacked empathy for other people.

However, Sheldon was the only character in the series to truly exude a sense of innocence. It felt refreshing as it gave him a sense of youth and freshness. Sheldon was an iconic character in large part due to his eccentric and silly qualities, such as his penchant for stashing money in action figures.

Sheldon had opportunities to interact with people because of his close connections with Leonard, Howard, as well as Raj. In addition, he had room to grow as a person during his sibling bond with Penny. His relationship with Amy broke the mold Sheldon’s character arc had established as the seasons went on.

Sheldon eventually developed a sense of compassion, and his tales about discovering love and kinship became popular with viewers all over the world.

So there we have it! Our top 10 best characters in The Big Bang Theory. Do you agree with our list? Have we missed any? Think we’ve got the order wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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