Top 10 Albums Of 2019


2019 has been a strong year for music and more importantly, it’s been a diverse one across all genres. Whether you’re a die-hard pop music fanatic or a trance raver, this year has with it some stand-out albums and jewels from the sonic sea of noise. In true ReviewGeek fashion, we’ve tried to draw on inspiration from a wide range of different sounds to compile our 10 stand-out albums this year and while these will, inevitably, be subject to much debate; without further ado we present our top 10 albums of 2019.


10 – When We Fall Asleep – Billie Eilish

It’s hard to ignore the profound impact this young lady has had on the pop scene this year. When her debut album dropped back in March we wrote in our review about the basic productions and catchy lyrics, ironically stating we were unsure this would be enough for her to stand out. How wrong we were. Billie Eilish has been everywhere this year and it’s difficult to remember another artist that burst onto the pop scene quite so profoundly in 2019.

Our Favourite Tracks:- You Should See Me In A Crown, My Strange Addiction.

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9 – thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Following on from the success of her last album Sweetener last year, Ariana Grande returned for more sickly sweet pop goodness and with it, a new, self-assured swagger. The productions are cleverly put together and although the lyrics themselves are a little basic, there’s no denying that thank u, next showcasing a woman on top of her game.

Our Favourite Tracks:- Bloodline, NASA

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8 – Anjunabeats Vol. 14

We’re massive fans of Anjuna here at TheReviewGeek and that unique flavour of trance, deep house and techno works so well on the label’s annual showcase of talent. Anjunabeats Volume 14 is an interesting album in that respect, cycling through a selection of 2019’s biggest tracks whilst harmoniously mixing them all up into a 2 disk set.

As the trio continue to experiment with different sounds and ideas, Volume 14 is an annual reminder that Above & Beyond continue to mix things up and deliver the goods in the process.

Our Favourite Tracks:- All In, Stay, Need To Feel Loved, Anjunafamily

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7 – Hotel Del Luna Soundtrack

There’s been a lot of Korean dramas this year and when it comes to K-Pop soundtracks accompanying them, the genre has been spoilt for choice. Hotel Del Luna has been a drama we’ve held close to our hearts, and its soundtrack perfectly encapsulates the range of emotions that went along with this one. There’s some great tracks here too, showing off a range of talented Korean artists including Gummy, Punch and Taeyeon.

Our favourite Tracks:- Done For Me, Only You

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6 – Assume Form – James Blake

Assume Form dropped all the way back at the start of the year and since then, James Blake’s tracks have always found their way onto our playlists. The clever lyrics and influential sounds used throughout the album work so well to show plenty of shades to James Blake’s persona. Assume Form is a great showcase of talent and one of the strongest male solo efforts this year.

Our favourite Tracks:- Where’s The Catch, Barefoot In The Park

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5 – Psychodrama – Dave

Psychodrama released to critical acclaim and publications all over the place were quick to lavish praise on Dave’s latest album. Rightly so too, the meaningful lyrics and clever, poetic way Dave delivers his thoughts works really well against the backdrop of the therapy session acting as a recurrent theme across the album’s run-time. Lesley is arguably the tune of the year too and alongside hard-hitting songs like Black, makes this one of the best hip-hop albums of the year.

Our favourite tracks:- Black, Lesley

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4 – Miss Universe – Nilüfer Yanya

Music has the power to tell a story and deliver something meaningful that stands out as both creative and thought provoking. When it comes to Nilüfer Yanya’s album Miss Universe, that much absolutely shines through. Acting as a dystopian journey through a Black Mirror episode, Miss Universe peppers in some clever interludes, courtesy of the fictional health organisation WWAYHEALTH, that builds through some gorgeous tracks that combine jazz, Indie-pop and rock influences to great effect.

Our Favourite Tracks:- Melt, Paradise

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3 – Anjunadeep 10

The Anjunadeep compilations have always been a bit of a mixed bag, ranging from perfectly acceptable through to stand-out icons. Anjunadeep 10 feels much more like the latter, mixing things up when it dropped earlier this year by delivering 2 CDs of deep house delights. The album builds into a solid crescendo during the second disk that makes this one of the stronger entries in this compilation series. The mixing throughout is smooth and the musical journey really shines through, alongside showcasing some of the best upcoming new artists on the label.

Our Favourite Tracks:- Night Blooming Jasmine, All The Time, In Memoriam, Still Dreaming

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From start to finish, MAGDALENE is an emotional rollercoaster, twisting and turning through some gorgeous lyrics and haunting orchestral work. It’s a reflection of an artist managing to examine the shattered fragments of a break-up and deliver something truly beautiful in the chaos. MAGDALENE has some wonderful stand-out tracks too, typified by the poignant, reflective lyrics that seep into every track. It’s a wonderful album and one that will easily go down as one of the best from this year.

Our Favourite Tracks:- Home With You, Fallen Alien, Mary Magdalene

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1 – amo – Bring Me The Horizon

When Bring Me The Horizon dropped their new album back in January, it was met with an incredibly polarizing reaction from critics and public alike. From those who loved the band’s new sound, to those who felt it betrayed what made the group great to begin with, amo proved to be perfect ammo for numerous debates to rage around the direction of this quintet going forward.

With rock, pop, trip hop and even electronica influences bleeding through, amo somehow manages to feel both fresh and original and overly familiar. It’s certainly not an album for everyone but the gall of a group at the height of their game to change up their sound and deliver something like is, is pretty commendable.

Our Favourite Tracks:- MANTRA, Why you gotta kick me when I’m down, sugar honey ice & tea, nihilist blues

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