The Best Moments From Kinnporsche The Series

Kinnporsche is one of the most beloved Thai boy love series and it is easy to be addicted to the show. This series elevated the whole Thai BL industry when it took a chance to deviate from the usual high-school and university-themed storyline we see in almost every Thai BL. The risk paid off and the series is now enjoying a well-earned global success.

The whole cast did a fantastic job delivering their specific roles and amazed us with how hard they worked to give their best performances. Here is the list of some of the most memorable scenes that viewers enjoyed. Kindly note, that we won’t be featuring the “turbulence ”, “magnum”, swimming pool, and episode 7 closing scene. I know you know why!

Elizabeth and Sebastian’s untimely death 

Tankhun had us bending backward while clutching our tummies from laughter. He lost it upon finding out his beloved carps are dead. Porsche unknowingly peed in his fancy carp pond leading to the untimely death of Elizabeth and Sebastian. Takhun then punished Porsche by having him dress as a mermaid and swim in the pool as the other bodyguards teased him.

Kinn and Porsche’s first kiss

As Kinn and Porsche relax into the night after partying at Yok’s bar, they begin to open up to each other. They discuss the mafia life and being happy.

Kinn is slowly letting down his guard and begins to understand Porsche more. What is captivating about this scene is that Kinn is the one who first makes the move to kiss Porsche. He never let his casual lover kiss him but he went ahead and kissed Porsche.

Kinn was worried at the auction 

This was the second time we caught a glimpse of Kinn’s true feelings toward Porsche. The first time was when he cared for Porsche’s bullet wound. He may have been unaware of how he felt at the time but his worry over Porsche’s disappearance at the auction proved he cared.

His reaction after finding Porsche and wanting to stay with him instead of letting Pete and Big handle it was also a clear sign Porsche meant more to him than he cared to acknowledge.

Kinn and Porsche realizing their feelings

After what went down when Kinn saved Porsche from Vegas, the two of them didn’t address the issue immediately. Porsche was struggling with his feelings on the matter and Kinn went back to being closed off.

They try to nonchalantly get with other people but fail. This is when it dawns on them that they might truly have feelings for each other. It wasn’t the same anymore.

Kinn setting Porsche free in the forest

Following their escape from their abductors, Kinn and Porsche ended up lost in the forest. We got to see an endearing side to Kinn and they got closer. I love you is overrated but “ I will tell everyone you died in the woods, so you can go back to your brother, get to open a bar,” hits different.

Kinn didn’t need to say it but his action proved that he already was in love with Porsche. He also took a bullet to save Porsche who came back to save him. Say what you want but that is true love right there.

First date 

This scene gave us butterflies and made our jaws hurt from smiling throughout. The way Porsche worked so hard to make his first date with Kinn memorable was simply ‘goals’. The sweet pictures, holding hands, and pecks on the cheeks, everything was perfect.

Bad boys coming through

One of our favorite action scenes in this show has to be when both bodyguards from the two families come together to complete a mission. I know Vegas in the red velvet shirt distracted us a bit but we gained focus once again when they came out from the truck all guns blazing. 

Chay’s love song for Kim

It is clear that when Kim told Chay to make a love song for his crush, he knew Chay liked him. His reaction after hearing the song and their first kiss were sweet, to say the least.

Pete kamsamida

Pete was clueless about the hot moments that were unfolding between his roommate and their boss in their shared room. He came in drunk after enjoying the evening watching Korean dramas with Tankhun. This was one of the funniest moments in the series.

Every time Vegas spoke English

Our hearts collectively skipped a beat, every single time Vegas spoke English. He made English seem so sexy. This is probably one of the reasons most viewers fell for him even though he was a villain.

Every time Kim defended Porchay

Honestly, who shows up to a gunfight looking so effortlessly hot in full black, long luscious hair let down and strutting like a model when firing bullets to save his boyfriend? Kim has trouble openly telling Chay that he loves him.

Don’t blame him, it runs in the genes with these Theerapanyakul men. He, however, shows up every time whether it is to slap someone at the bar or drag them on the counter, he is always there to save Porchay who is always clueless about the fact.  

Kinn admitting he loves Porsche 

Kinn meeting his dad and Tankhun to announce the obvious fact that he is beyond whipped for Porsche was another great scene. The cheering from the bodyguards as Porsche and Kinn admit their feelings made the moment even more special. Tankhun’s reaction was the best, he was so proud of his brother.

Pete coming back to comfort Vegas

The fact that Pete had a clear chance to escape but chose to come back and comfort Vegas after his beloved hedgehog died speaks volumes.

At this point, they had both seen vulnerable sides to each other and their pain and past trauma had helped them bond. 

Do you know how sexy you are?

This line will forever be iconic. We were not prepared for what went down between Vegas and Pete after the hedgehog died but this line is what made us weak.

Pete’s funeral

Tankhun thought Pete was dead, killed by the minor family so he held a small funeral for him. Tankhun being the dramatic queen he is found a way to make viewers laugh even in this sad moment. Their reaction to Pete showing up to his own funeral made this scene more enjoyable.

Everything VegasPete

This love story is unique given how it started but in the end, the heart wants what it wants. Seeing Vegas apologize to Pete and going out of his way to protect him was epic character growth.

The angst that VegasPete gave us was bittersweet because we understood their feelings but it was still hard to process the pain from before. Even in what Vegas thought would be his final moments, he dared to confess his love for Pete.

In the end, Pete chose him too and helped save him from an emotional cliff. They reminded us we might not always understand love but we can never underestimate its power.

Vegas is alive

We cried, we wept and we mourned what could have been when Vegas was shot three times in the finale. We thought it was the end when it had barely started.

Bible and Build did a great job during this scene, every viewer felt the desperation when Pete fell to his knees and wailed as he held Vegas. Thankfully, Vegas survived and Pete was right by his side the whole time. It was the perfect way to end the series. 

And there we have it, our picks for the best moments from Kinnporsche

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any of your favourites? We love to hear from you so do feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Moments From Kinnporsche The Series”

  1. Haha, He is a red flag but the fandom is blind. Thank you for reading the article. Have a great week

  2. I know what I want, but with a guy like you it won’t be fun if you don’t give inn……loved it….Vegas is such red flag I’d willingly spend the rest of my life with 💜…..

  3. I guess I’m one of the few who really found the Pete/Vegas relationship distasteful. It was not “real” love IMO… but more of what happens to many abuse victims who get eff’d up by their abusers.
    I was happy when I thought Vegas had died. And really disgusted when everyone cheered for Pete going to support his abuser. Abusive behavior does not change overnight.
    I hated that storyline more than I can say.

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