Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Meera and David requests Ora protect Roy and Rumi’s lives at the beginning of Tooth Pari episode 8. Roy and Rumi are currently being held in cages, so Meera and David plead with Ora, telling him they might both pass away if AD learns of their capture. Ora, on the other hand, quickly alerts AD about their imprisonment.

What does AD do after discovering that Rumi is behind the chaos?

Rumi is the cause of their difficulties, so AD isn’t shocked to see her. However, Roy’s presence surprises him because he didn’t anticipate seeing him there. Roy is unaware that AD is his dad’s friend, and AD won’t let them off the hook without a fight. Rumi is given the task of finding and murdering Luna. Till Rumi accomplishes her task, every vampire in the group will consume Roy’s blood.

How does Rumi’s meeting with Roy’s parents go?

Since their child has been gone for over a day, Roy’s parents are worried, and they are eager to hear anything about where he might be. Rumi shows up just then and informs both of them that Roy is shooting for a cooking series where cell phones are not allowed. She also suggests that they motivate Roy to go after his love of cooking since he has no interest in becoming a dentist.

Roy’s dad begins to understand that he might be responsible for pressuring Roy into a profession he wasn’t interested in. When an unexpected rainstorm begins while she is about to go home, Roy’s parents suggest Rumi stay until the storm has passed, and she is forced to do so. Rumi notices an envelope on the table, which happens to hold a photo of Luna and the vampire Amar inside the envelope.

Was Rumi’s decision to put her trust in Kartik the right choice?

Rumi asks Kartik for help even though she is aware that he is working on killing her. Rumi is imprisoned by Kartik in a room at his home, and he makes an honest attempt to persuade Kartik by explaining her situation and the threat that AD, as well as Luna, pose to Roy. Kartik, however, isn’t persuaded. Additionally, Luna is informed that the vampire has been captured. Kartik lays out a strategy to defeat them but forbids Luna from visiting his house that night.

The following morning, Kartik executes his plans. He holds a meeting and invites all of the Cutmundus folks, as well as several journalists. When everyone assembles, they all notice a sizable cage in the room’s center. Kartik starts introducing his dad, Biren, to the audience. He vehemently contends for his dad’s innocence and clarifies how everybody has been accusing him of lying and damaging his image.

Luna pulls back the cover to reveal a person inside the metal structure. To everybody’s shock and disbelief, Amar appears inside the cage instead of Rumi. While maintaining her composure and professionalism, Luna introduces Amar as Rama Reddiyar, a theatre performer.

The journalists immediately realize that Amar isn’t a part of the photographs after picking up their devices. They are shocked and puzzled, unable to comprehend what is going on. Luna stands up and explains that given the nature of their existence, creatures like Amar cannot be photographed. Luna tells the reporters more about Amar as she explains his special skills to them.

Kartik has enraged Luna. He says that he did not wish to take any risks, particularly given how close she has been to Amar. He exposes her for what she is, accusing her of claiming to be a savior when all she really wants is to exact revenge on the vampires because of Amar’s betrayal.

Does Luna forgive Amar?

Luna calmly interrogates Amar regarding the killing of Haru Babu as well as Badshah’s conversion. Thereafter, Amar tells her that Rumi was behind everything. He goes on to tell her that AD sent Rumi to murder Luna. Although Luna finds the whole situation absurd, Amar is adamant that he can keep her safe from Rumi. Regardless of Amar’s promises, Luna rejects his offer of protection.

Amar suddenly tries to consume Luna’s blood when she steps inside the cage. Luna, however, uses her dagger to stab Amar in the heart, ending his vampire existence for good. She then lights his body on fire and stands by as he is consumed by the flames and burned to ashes.

Does Rumi kill Luna Luka?

A figure approaches Luna as the smoke starts to clear. She is shocked to see Rumi, and she prepares to defend herself from the vampire’s fury. They both have  unfinished business and this will be the biggest battle of her entire existence.

After an intense battle, Luna is forced to submit to Rumi’s lethal fangs. Thereafter, we see her corpse lying on the floor. Rumi is ecstatic as she stands triumphantly, with her eyes glowing.

Do Rumi and Roy end up together?

Rumi is greeted with applause and appreciation as she enters the hiding place after defeating Luna. She is currently among the most potent vampires, however her victory is not without its drawbacks. She must turn Roy into a vampire, according to AD, or risk having the hiding place wiped out. Roy declines, saying he prefers to lead a typical human life. As a consequence, Ora gives David the order to wipe Roy’s memory of everything he ever knew about Rumi as well as the realm of the supernatural.

Roy wakes up the following morning with no memory of Rumi. Roy’s parents, however, value his culinary abilities. Roy continues to record videos for his channel on YouTube when Rumi shows up unannounced. They have a brief conversation with one another as their first meeting is replayed.

How does the show conclude?

In order to make Hemalin now that Amar is gone, AD is transporting all of the vampires’ blood through Badshah. In addition, Badshah is closely monitoring everybody. Badshah tells AD that Rumi, as well as the other supernatural beings, are preparing to leave Kolkata now that Luna Luka is gone. They’re also no longer reluctant to go outside at night.

AD is preparing for an exciting surprise. He discloses that Rumi’s kid, whom she thought was dead, is actually still alive. Furthermore, he knows where he lives. This could well be preparation for another conflict with the Cutmundus, who look to fight under their new leader, Naru.

The Episode Review

Initially, we assume that Rumi and Roy will part ways as the final episode is about to conclude. The fact that Rumi visits Roy once more though, deliberately leaves the opportunity open for a possible second season. Additionally, there is a suggestion that Naru intends to resurrect Luna Luka, while Ora and Rumi now occupy a far more significant position in the hierarchy of the vampire society, changing the balance of power within.

Unfortunately, the storyline of the final episode, just isn’t particularly interesting. The twists and turns introduced in order to keep things intriguing don’t really work because the show itself is built on a weak foundation, making for a rather forgettable show overall.

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