Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Meet The Parents

Episode 7 of Tooth Pari features a flashback interaction between AD and his spouse, Mamata. AD asks Mamata what she thinks about dying, and he inquires as to whether she has ever wished that life would spare her the suffering brought on by sickle cell disease.

Thereafter, he asks a meaningful question: What if suffering continues even after passing away? The question of whether Mamata would prefer to lead an immortal life is one that AD asks her to counter.

The scene then switches to Rumi’s earlier years, where we see her transforming into a vampire. Rumi is abruptly thrown into an everlasting world when David transforms her in order to save her life.

Kartik slowly recalls the happenings of the previous evening when he comes out of his drunken state of mind. He recalls the shocking information that Rumi happens to be a vampire. Kartik realizes that he has to discover evidence of Rumi’s true nature in order to put all the pieces together.

He leaves for Roy’s workplace with a renewed sense of purpose. Kartik seems to be on edge while he watches the surveillance video from Roy’s clinic, keeping an eye out for any signs of Rumi’s strange abilities.

Kartik becomes increasingly suspicious as the video goes on. The entire recording lacks any indication of Rumi, and it’s as though he never existed in the first place. Kartik could see the truth right in front of him.

During their time together, Rumi, Meera, and David are able to blend in with Roy’s parents. Although everything is going well, they are aware that they must exercise caution and head back to their hiding place before Ora learns about their whereabouts.

Kartik discovers a detail concerning Rumi’s broken tooth in Roy’s diary which he had previously overlooked. Kartik runs to Roy’s home immediately because he thinks that his life could be in danger.

As soon as Rumi enters the hiding place, Badshah recognizes her and informs Ora right away. Rumi is placed in a cage devoid of any blood and encircled by numerous candles, each of which is intended to harm her gradually. Rumi worries that Ora will sacrifice her to AD.

Kartik has now made significant progress in his study concerning the murder of Haru Babu. He tells Luna that he believes he has tracked down the murderer, while we see that Chitrabanu, like Rumi, is imprisoned because of his part in letting vampires leave the hideout.

Roy becomes increasingly anxious as the days go by and Rumi remains hidden. He confides in his closest companion, Ian, suggesting that he go to the underworld.

Roy descends to the hiding place, where he finally locates Rumi with David’s assistance. However, their happiness is fleeting. Chitrabhanu abruptly awakens and begins to cry out to the remainder of the vampires before Roy and Rumi can flee. Thereafter, Ora awakens from his hibernation.

The Episode Review

In this episode, Rumi has been arrested by Ora for her role in the killing of Haru Babu and in turning Badshah into a supernatural being. With David’s assistance, Roy decides to go to the prison cell in the underworld because he is determined to save Rumi. It will be intriguing to see if Roy and Rumi are successful in running away from Ora and his loyal servants in the finale.

The episode advances the plotline involving Roy and Rumi’s story. The fate of the two is up in the air. Having said that, the alleged threat to their future doesn’t create an impact because their connection doesn’t seem to be more than surface-level to begin with.

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