Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Tyajet Kularthe Purusham

Luna employs a member of Cutmundus to get Hemalin pretending to be a patient as episode 6 of Tooth Pari begins. With the informant’s assistance, Luna gets to learn crucial details about Hemalin’s results.

Following Haru Babu’s passing away, a furious Luna decides to meet up with Adi and requests that he identify the vampire who killed Haru Babu. Adi’s organization has been working on a drug called Hemalin, and Luna delivers testing results on it. She then threatens to destroy his company if he fails to cooperate. Additionally, Luna gives Adi Rumi’s fang. Adi has reached his breaking point and knows he must catch the actual killer.

Kartik is committed to solving the murder. He leaves for the medical facility to conduct the deceased’s autopsy, where he discovers that the carotid artery had been targeted.

Roy accepts Rumi’s apology, and the couple get back together. Roy, however, demands a promise from her that she won’t bite anybody again. In an effort to demonstrate her devotion and love, Rumi willingly agrees to his demands.

Outside Roy’s clinic, Rumi is being watched over by Kartik. He doesn’t like seeing Rumi with Roy, however, Rumi makes it obvious that he is not welcome in her life or around Roy.

In order to learn the truth regarding the murder, Kartik goes to meet Luna. The startling fact that Haru Babu’s corpse had been discovered close to Roy’s home is revealed by Luna, and she also informs him that he died while pursuing Rumi and Roy.

Kartik hurries over to Roy’s workplace to question him about his role in the crime. He asks Roy to tell Rumi the truth about him being a vampire but Kartik’s remarks catch Roy off guard. He discloses the specifics of the crime and admits that he enjoyed a one-night stand with Rumi too. Roy is wounded by this information.

Rumi responds to Roy’s inquiries by giving her account of events. When he discovers that she had done it in order to exact revenge for Sreela’s passing, his anger starts to subside. They make amends after he chooses to forgive her.

Roy wants both of his parents to meet Rumi’s dad. Roy consequently devises a plan in which he requests Ian pose as Rumi’s dad and go with them to visit his parents. Rumi is ecstatic at the prospect, but soon finds out that Luna is an old friend of Ian’s. Rumi wants to know more concerning her after hearing this.

We discover that AD happens to be Roy’s dad’s close companion. It is also made known that Mithila, whom Roy brought to the Tangra party, is AD’s kid. AD wants to continue the family tradition by arranging for his daughter to wed Roy.

Since AD alerts Ora regarding the murder of Haru Babu, Rumi finds herself in a challenging situation. When Ora starts interrogating Meera and David, they are forced to admit to Rumi that keeping her secrets is getting increasingly difficult.

Kartik is dejected and hopeless because he has been fired from his job owing to his claims about vampires. When he is venting to his dad, the latter abruptly admits that Rumi is a vampire.

The Episode Review

The show verges more on drama than comedy in this episode, and this chapter contains a few plot twists that are meant to change the course of the show, but the storyline itself is so uninteresting that they’re likely to have little effect.

Kartik discovers Rumi is a vampire before the episode comes to a close. We’ve seen that he has feelings for Rumi and has been trying to keep her safe all along. It will be interesting to see how things develop moving forward.

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