Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Roy has been following Rumi and is shocked when she passes through the train station as episode 5 of Tooth Pari begins. Roy comes towards the pillar as she retreats behind it and finds a hidden door he was unaware of. When Roy haphazardly opens the door, he enters the realm of the vampire underworld. As Roy wanders through the dim tunnel in pursuit of Rumi, his heart races.

David offers his own veins for blood to save Rumi as her life hangs in the balance. Roy cannot believe what he is witnessing, but Rumi attacks David’s arm and immediately feels better. In an effort to flee the horror in front of him, he falls back. Before he can go very far, Roy turns his torch towards Rumi after hearing her voice nearby. Roy immediately passes out from terror at what he’s seen.

When Roy opens his eyes, he lets out a sigh of relief as if he’s just woken up from a terrible dream. He has returned to the train station, and Rumi, who is nearby and who appears to be hurt and disoriented, is standing there.

Rumi’s heart is pierced by Roy’s words when he orders her to keep a distance from him. Rumi is aware that human beings and supernatural beings shouldn’t cohabitate, however, she can’t help her feelings for Roy. She turns and goes away, returning to the security of her hiding place with a sense of loss. As Roy watches her leave, he is torn by conflicted feelings. He can’t help but be drawn to Rumi, however, he is aware that being around her is risky and against the laws of nature.

When Meera realizes Rumi’s situation, she advises her that she leave Roy. Thereafter, she advises her to seek out other men who can quench her thirst. When Rumi thinks back on Roy’s hurtful remarks, her heart grows heavy.

Kartik welcomes Rumi to his home. During their conversation, Kartik confesses his fondness for her. Rumi attempts to bite Kartik when he hugs her, but Rumi’s instincts take over. She prepares to bite into Kartik’s neck when Biren suddenly pops up. Biren has Alzheimer’s, and Rumi feels relieved to find out that he won’t be able to recall what he just saw. Rumi decides to sleep with Kartik and use him as a distraction.

While he tries to make sense of all that he has witnessed and learned concerning Rumi, Roy’s thoughts are a chaotic mess. He is unable to avoid the feeling that he has confessed to an offense as he shares his heart with Ian. To his disbelief, Ian doesn’t object to both him and Rumi. On the contrary, he tells Roy that Rumi isn’t necessarily a monster just because she has razor-sharp teeth and is a vampire.

Ian advises him to pay attention to Rumi for who she really is from the inside and to look past what she looks like on the outside. He explains to Roy that despite being a vampire, she continues to be the exact same girl that his heart has grown to love and respect.

Roy’s thoughts are racing while he waits for Rumi around the train station. Roy grows terrified when Rumi unintentionally shares the devastating news of Sreela’s passing. Roy is aware that he must end his relationship with Rumi, however he is unable to face having to offend both of his parents, especially when they’re beginning to adore her.

He requests Rumi break the news of their breakup to them in a way that won’t hurt them. At that precise moment, a drunken man storms across the railway station and begins insulting Rumi and Roy, calling them a couple wandering at the train station. The guy is attacked by Rumi, who then knocks him out. Roy can no longer bear to be near her so he leaves Rumi behind, walking away in a fit of panic.

Rumi is adamant about telling Roy’s parents about the separation and doing what is right. Roy and his father are not present when she gets to their home, and she is immediately told by Roy’s mom how much she has yearned for a daughter-in-law just like her. Rumi is amazed at how tender and caring Roy’s mom is; she has never known such affection and tenderness, and she is deeply moved by it.

To speak with Roy, David took on a different persona. David describes how Nikhil left Rumi shortly after she was expecting. Thereafter, David describes how Rumi was subjected to constant abuse while she got married to a violent man, as well as how the loss of her second kid nearly drove her to commit suicide.

David intervened at that point to save her and transition into a supernatural being. David asks Roy to see past Rumi’s physical state and discover the woman beneath who has endured numerous hardships and needs to be loved.

Rumi senses that somebody is tracking her when she leaves Roy’s home. The Cutmundus clan member, Haru Babu, has been following Rumi for Luna. He believes he has discovered gold when he sees her in the corner. He is unaware that he has fallen victim to a trap, though.

She charges at him, driving her fangs fully into his neck. When Haru Babu screams in agony, it is already far too late. He is seen lying lifeless on the floor, and Rumi feels a sense of accomplishment as she leaves the murder scene.

The Episode Review

In this episode, David tells Roy about Rumi’s terrible past, detailing how she had been mistreated and suffered the loss of two kids before being saved by transforming into a vampire. Roy is urged to look past Rumi’s situation and discover the woman who is worthy of love, while Rumi turns things around by exposing her primitive nature.

The show still doesn’t have a compelling enough plot though, despite these advances. Also, despite being referred to as a comedy, it is not particularly funny. To try and counteract that though, the show has stunning cinematography. In particular, the underworld really stands out. That, however, is insufficient to hold the interest of the audience.

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