Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Test

Rumi confronts David and Meera in the first scene of Tooth Pari episode 4, asking them why they told Ora about Badshah. Meera explains that she decided not to take a chance this time because the last time a vampire attacked the city, they all had to suffer the consequences.

Following that, Meera and David caution her once more not to get close to Doctor Roy and remind her of the repercussions. Badshah, who is transitioning into a vampire, is taken to the underworld where he is receiving training on living a vampire lifestyle.

Roy’s parents are still bugging him about meeting girls. Roy admits to having a girlfriend in an effort to avoid the subject in question, and they request that he invite the girl to their house to meet them.

Luna Luka is still training the Cutmundus. In addition to her ranks, a new boy joins the clan. Inspector Kartik pays a visit to Luna Luka, where Luna confirms his suspicions about vampires’ existence. Furthermore, Luna tells him about his father’s bravery in the face of the vampiric threat.

Kartik shows Luna the fang he discovered, and Luna speculates that perhaps the dentist Roy is also a vampire. Meanwhile, AD’s wife has a disease, and AD is desperately looking for a permanent cure.

In the underworld, Badshah is asked to identify who turned him into a vampire. However, he fails to recognize Rumi. The vampires rename him Shah, claiming that he is unworthy of the name Badshah.

Rumi goes to Roy’s clinic and asks him to place a tooth that is much larger than her own. He initially refuses to do so, claiming that it is not her size or type of tooth. When she forces him, he has no choice but to comply. Following that, he is taken aback to see that the tooth fits her perfectly. They end up kissing and sharing tender moments together.

Doc Roy tells Rumi that even though her tooth is now fixed, he still wishes they could meet. After some more discourse, he requests she meet his parents so they can stop bugging him about meeting girls, and she agrees.

Inspector Kartik has a heartfelt conversation with his father in which he expresses his suppressed emotions. He then tells his father about his encounter with a vampire. He eventually tells his father that he will prove their existence to the rest of the world. His father gives him a silver chain and tells him it will protect him from vampires.

Inspector Kartik goes to Doctor Roy’s clinic to find out if he’s a vampire. He forces him to wear a silver chain and demands that he show his teeth. Finally, he concludes that Roy may be a mixed breed because he exhibits no signs of being a vampire. Following Roy’s strange encounter with Inspector Kartik, Roy does some research on vampires and begins to wonder if Rumi is one.

When Rumi visits his home, he prepares a dish with garlic. Rumi is reluctant, but he forces her to eat. She then goes to the bathroom and throws up. When she speaks with his mother, she is given a silver family heirloom chain and is forced to wear it. She puts it on in front of the family and tells them she has to leave.

Doc Roy follows Rumi as she makes her way to the underworld’s entrance. Rumi though, is sick because she ate garlic and wore a silver chain. Roy spots Rumi entering through the secret entrance as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

This chapter focuses heavily on Kolkata as well as its distinct culture, the people, and their love for music and cuisine. The dialogue is delivered in both Bengali and Hindi, and as a result, this episode’s cultural elements are simply stunning.

What has worked for the show up to this point leads to the entirety of what does not. The creators are so preoccupied with their setup to the point where they lose sight of the fact that they’ve got a story to tell.

Furthermore, the chemistry between Roy and Rumi is hardly explored. They come out being teenagers in a complicated relationship who are in a position to forget things overnight.

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