Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Tooth Pari opens in the hidden underworld tunnel in which all vampires are believed to reside. Sreela’s head, which is placed in a package, has been sent over to the vampires as a warning to stop them from visiting the upper world. The leader of all vampires, Ora, is then roused from his hibernation. Ora issues a directive to shut the passageway for everybody’s protection following the event.

Meera and David hypothesize that Doc Roy is a member of the Cutmundu clan. At this stage, we are aware that the Cutmundu clan, who resemble well-trained witches, pose a threat to the vampires. David and Meera assume that Roy knows who Rumi is.

On the other hand, Rumi disputes this, claiming that she was with Roy while Sreela was being murdered by Luna. Now that Rumi seems to be caring a bit too much about Doc Roy, Meera, and David warn her, reminding her of what happens to those who fall in love with humans.

The cops find Sreela’s partially burned body without her head as they continue their investigation. To estimate Sreela’s age, Inspector Kartik sends her body for genome sequencing.

Doc Roy runs into Rumi once again. After their date, Roy requests to take Rumi home. Roy is brought to Rumi’s former home, where a flashback to Rumi’s earlier life is shown. We learn that Rumi’s ex-partner broke up with her after she got pregnant.

A team of Cutmundus are being trained by Luna Luka to combat vampires. In order to stop the vampires who are visiting the human world, Deb is also preparing his own strategy. When Amar is questioned about it, he suggests that Rumi travels to the upper world whenever she gets a chance to.

Rumi goes to the police station to report all those who broke into Roy’s clinic the night Sreela was killed. Rumi is accompanied by Inspector Kartik to Roy’s clinic and he takes CCTV footage from there for further examination. Furthermore, Kartik tells Roy that the broken tooth he discovered at the party injured his foot. Thereafter, he asks if Roy might be able to do anything to help it heal, before receiving a call from the victim attacked by Rumi.

To pay a visit to the patient, Inspector Kartik heads to the hospital. When he arrives, the man has transformed into a supernatural being. The man then attacks Inspector Kartik, and the episode ends when a shadowy structure appears and protects Kartik from the attack.

The Episode Review

The supernatural elements once again overshadow the storyline in this episode, as they did in the previous ones. In the current phase of the plot, barely anything keeps you interested. Additionally, the supernatural components aren’t all that fascinating either.

The actors perform admirably in their respective roles, although the premise for Doc Roy and Rumi’s budding romance is rather cheesy and childish.

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