Tooth Pari: When Love Bites – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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An officer named Kartik is looking into the case when episode 2 of Tooth Pari begins. His dad is taken aback to see the fangs, but the father, whom we met in the previous episode, also appears to be aware that vampires exist. He gives the kids that impression by telling them with conviction and by describing various aspects of them.

The man has Alzheimer’s, though, so his son doesn’t really trust him. He also doesn’t believe him when the man says otherwise. Furthermore, the tooth caused a wound on the investigating officer’s leg, which is getting worse every day.

David expresses a desire to taste Roy’s blood after Rumi tells him how much she loved Doc Roy’s blood. She claims that she has never tasted anything that delicious. That seems like a big deal given the different kinds of blood they get to taste.

Rumi returns to Roy’s clinic to collect blood for David, where it would appear that Doc Roy is smitten with Rumi. Due to a medical condition, Doc Roy frequently passes out when he sees blood. Rumi takes advantage of Doc Roy’s fainting condition to draw his blood, which she then gives to David and Meera.

David and Meera learn that the blood is extremely fresh as it belongs to a virgin. Now that David and Meera prefer Roy’s blood, they appoint Sreela to collect it. Rumi expresses her concern about the possibility of Sreela visiting Doc Roy’s office. Sreela is new to drawing blood and Rumi seems to care about Doc Roy. Rumi fears that Sreela might harm or even kill Doc Roy, and she doesn’t want that to happen.

Rumi stops by Roy’s clinic and then takes him to an abandoned theatre. They lie down in the theater’s central spot after Rumi guides Doc Roy there. By this time, there is a feeling of mutual attraction between them. Rumi heads to the underworld when she thinks it is safe for Roy to return home.

When Sreela arrives at Roy’s clinic, he isn’t there. Luna Luka, a specialist in supernatural beings captures Sreela. She realizes right away that Sreela serves as a vampire and that they are receiving plenty of blood. Sreela attempts to fight Luna Luka but Luna uses her abilities and her equipment to take out Sreela.

The Episode Review

The episode’s and the show’s overall plot seem to have been overshadowed by supernatural clich├ęs, which has really soured the experience.

It appears that the writers have a vision but the show really suffers from over-ambition, lack of direction, and the writer’s inability to present the content concisely.

But considering how much potential the show appears to have, it’s really a shame. In addition to having stunning cinematography, Shantanu Maheshwari excels in his role. This could have been a real treat to watch if only the storyline had been better. Hopefully the episodes ahead improve!

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