Too Old For Fairy Tales 2 (2024) Movie Review – A simplistic but enjoyable film about love and family

A simplistic but enjoyable film about love and family

I’m not sure we really needed a sequel to the 2022 Polish movie Too Old For Fairy Tales but we got one anyway, which might please those who enjoyed its predecessor. 

This second movie featuring Waldek and his gaming friends, Delfina and Staszek, takes them to the Tatra Mountains, where they are staying for the summer with Mariola, Waldek’s aunt, who we were introduced to in the earlier film.

It’s bad news for the trio as Mariola confiscates their laptops when they arrive at her home. She wants them to enjoy some quality family time with her, Teresa (Waldek’s mom), and Piotr (Teresa’s boyfriend), in the great outdoors. These avid gamers don’t seem that enthused about the prospect, especially as they’re not too fond of Piotr who is trying too hard to ‘get down with the kids’ in front of them.

But it’s not long before they have something to distract them from Piotr’s attempts to be cool and their lack of screens. After travelling to the top of a mountain, where Mariola is preparing to paraglide, they discover Waldek’s real father (who he has never met) is living somewhere nearby.

Teresa doesn’t want Waldek to meet his father but the boy sneaks out of Mariola’s house anyway to go and look for him. Together with Staszek, he has quite the adventure on his journey, which includes tense encounters with a pack of dogs and a grizzly bear, and a scary night sleeping in a cemetery. 

When Waldek eventually finds his pa, who’s living in what looks more like a high-security compound than it does a home, he is excited to discover his father is a games designer. The two begin to bond over their shared passion but Staszek is concerned. He doesn’t trust the man and rightfully so. It turns out Teresa was right to keep Waldek away from his dad but we won’t reveal the reason why in fear of giving away plot spoilers. 

Too Old For Fairy Tales 2 passes the time amiably enough but you’re unlikely to remember much about it after the end credits have rolled. The story it tells is predictable and cliched and the life lessons Waldek eventually learns can be second-guessed near the beginning of the movie. 

That being said, there’s nothing overly wrong about a movie sticking to a tried and tested formula. Provided it still entertains its intended audience, a lack of plot surprises can be forgiven. Fortunately, this is the case for Too Old For Fairy Tales 2 which is consistently enjoyable, thanks to its likeable teen characters and the comical mishaps they fall into. There are some entertaining side characters too, including an eccentric cheese maker who joins Waldek on his journey and adds to the movie’s comedy.

The ending might be expected but the message we are left with is heart-warming nevertheless. Kids living with a step-parent will especially find it relatable, as will any adult who is a parent to children who are not their own. As such, the movie has lessons to teach both young and old alike, even if these lessons come across as important reminders rather than anything too revelatory. 

With some beautiful scenery, an engaging cast of actors, and a humorous plot that runs at a fairly brisk pace, Too Old For Fairy Tales 2 isn’t a waste of time.  It’s just as pleasant as its predecessor with just enough charm to make you forget its simplistic storyline and lack of anything new to say about family relationships.


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  • Verdict - 6/10

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