To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories – Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Breakup After A Year

After Seo-joon declares that he and Ji-woo had still not agreed upon a breakup, episode 2 of To My Star 2 starts with the chef unwillingly inviting the actor inside his house.

At their house, the little girl’s mother asks her to stop addressing Ji-woo as her dad as they wonder how Seo-joon knew Ji-woo. The woman states that Seo-joon was a big actor and would bring up the mood in the neighbourhood with his presence.

Meanwhile, at Ji-woo’s house, the chef tells Seo-joon to ask what he was there to ask and leave. The actor shares his anger about being abandoned by Ji-woo for a year without a message. Ji-woo asks if Seo-joon wanted him to apologize for leaving but the actor wonders if he ever wronged Ji-woo during their relationship to deserve a breakup like such.

Ji-woo finally lists down his issues with Seo-joon and states that he was frustrated dating an actor. He states that Seo-joon woke him in the middle of the night because he was bored and disrupted his normal life. He states that the actor would get sensitive about certain things from time to time and mentions how he was fed up with the temper tantrums thrown by Seo-joon over the course of their relationship.

The chef regrets not listing down his reasons for breaking up with Seo-joon as that is what prompted him to pay the chef a visit. Seo-joon is hurt by Ji-woo’s words and asks if he moved all the way to get away from him. The chef states that he had only come back to his hometown. Seo-joon is upset but leaves Ji-woo’s house.

On his way out, the actor notices that Ji-woo had laid out one of Seo-joon’s shirts on his bed. Seo-joon asks Ji-woo why he was holding on to his shirt when the latter states that he did not know it belonged to the chef. Seo-joon takes the shirt with him and asks the chef about what he had done to the couple ring Seo-joon had gifted him in the past.

Ji-woo states that he threw it from a mountain annoying the actor further as he exits his house in a fit driving off in his car. The next morning, Ji-woo follows his usual path to work and sets up shop at his restaurant. The village chief is accompanied by Seo-joon as they make their way to Ji-woo’s restaurant.

The chief explains that since Seoul was hours away, he let the actor crash at his place for the night as the two feasted on meokgolli (rice wine). Seo-joon orders a ‘hangover soup’ as the chief explains that the menu of Ji-woo’s restaurant was hard to decipher for the locals. Ji-woo is visibly annoyed that Seo-joon is getting close to the local chief but still prepares the food for his guests.

The chief is surprised by Ji-woo’s delicious food as him and Seo-joon chomp down on some goulash. After the two have had their meal, Seo-joon pays for the food and explains why he stayed the night. On his drive back, the actor thinks how he actually broke up with Ji-woo after a year. The young girl, Han Yoo-ha arrives to Ji-woo’s restaurant after school and tells the chef that villagers had been singing praises of his food.

Seo-joon calls the restaurant phone number and asks Ji-woo to come back and take away his belongings. Ji-woo asks Seo-joon to throw the things away but the actor states that if he was the one to throw them out, a controversy would take place considering his status.

Over the next few days, Seo-joon constantly calls Ji-woo asking him to take his stuff away. The actor goes as far as to ask the village chief to share his message with Ji-woo which finally convinces the chef to go back to Seoul.

The next day, Seo-joon is working on his ad shoot for the jewellery brand as he keeps gazing at the door waiting for someone to show up. Another flashback shows Ji-woo coming out to one of Seo-joon’s shoots where the actor tries to hook up with his boyfriend.

However, present-day Ji-woo finally comes back to Seoul to meet his former business partner Hyung-ki and TB Entertainment’s CEO Pil-hyun who is accompanied by Ho-min. Hyung-ki wants to return the money he had extorted out of the actor after blackmailing him about exposing Seo-joon’s relationship with Ji-woo a year ago.

He hands over the money to Ho-min and Pil-hyun and leaves stating he would now be moving to Italy soon. On the other hand, Ho-min informs Ji-woo that Seo-joon would not let the chef into his house in his absence.

Seo-joon keeps his gaze fixed to the door when Ho-min brings Ji-woo to the actor’s set. Sung-yoon, the head of design for the brand is confused by Seo-joon’s gaze and turns around to see Ji-woo.

The two turn out of be friends from the past. Seo-joon is inquisitive after seeing the two interact so he starts asking them questions about their relationship with each other. Ji-woo shuts him down and asks him to finish his shoot before they go to his house together.

In the prologue, a flashback of Ji-woo and Seo-joon fighting with each other shows how the chef usually fails at stating his frustrations with the actor. Seo-joon explains that Ji-woo should just let him know when things are not in the right order instead of holding back on his anger as the couple then makes up.

The Episode Review

The second episode finally gave fans the reason why Ji-woo broke up with Seo-joon but it feels like there really is a bigger issue with Ji-woo’s exit from town and it is not what he says. Deep down, Ji-woo still has feelings for Seo-joon and it shows.

It is endearing how Seo-joon is staying around to make it work and it also helps young viewers learn that every relationship is a two-way street that cannot be saved by the efforts of one person alone.

With that being said, it seems like the problems in this season are implied in order to make conflict even if there isn’t any. Hopefully the characters are able to move forward from this minor hiccup in their relationship and get back together soon.

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