To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories – Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

After Ji-woo has finally apologized to Seo-joon and promises to stay by him till the actor takes him back, Seo-joon’s anger begins to soften. Ji-woo approaches Seo-joon and asks him for a hug. They eventually embrace and Ji-woo starts to cry.

He apologises for causing Seo-joon so much pain. Seo-joon reprimands him, asking the guy to forget Sung-yoon now that they were back together. Seo-joon asks about Ji-woo being lonely when they were together.

Ji-woo states that after his parents’ passing, he feels guilty to be happy when he is by himself. Being with Seo-joon made him happy which is why he hated being alone. Seo-joon begins to tear up and the couple reconciles by making up new rules for their relationship.

Ji-woo gives the necklace back to Seo-joon after digging it up from where he buried it. Seo-joon puts the necklace on Ji-woo and the two embrace for a while. The couple is seemingly back to normal as they text back and forth. The episode moves back to a scene from the beginning of the show where the couple wakes up together and goes through the days in each other’s company.

Seo-joon helps Ji-woo with his business and Yoo-ha misses seeing Ji-woo. Seo-joon keeps asking Ji-woo to express his feelings for him in order to remind Ji-woo of their love. Ji-woo comes back to the village and meets Yoo-ha. Back at home, Seo-joon is very happy.

He calls Pil-hyun and states that there is no point in doing the interview claiming that he will take a break until the scandal dies down. Ji-woo confronts Yoo-ha’s classmate who started the rumour about him and forgives him. Yoo-ha teaches him a lesson and warns him against lying.

Pil-hyun and his girlfriend ask the Assistant Director on set to expose the director who lied about Seo-joon having an attitude problem. Pil-hyun is all alone when his girlfriend leaves for work but he states that he is happy too. Seo-joon and Ji-woo are very happy together. The articles about Ji-woo’s parents are exposed to be false.

The Assistant director as well as other cast members of Seo-joon’s movie expose the director’s inconsistent personality via social media. Ji-woo read the article and is happy. Later that night, the couple alongside Yoo-ha, Da-kyung, and Sung-yoon gather for dinner at Ji-woo’s house.

Sung-yoon reveals that she is leaving soon. Ji-woo wishes her all the best. That night, Ji-woo plans a way out in order to help Seo-joon from burning himself out. He mentions that he will close his restaurant on Monday and Tuesday and spend the two days with him in Seoul so that Seo-joon does not have to travel so long. Seo-joon says he will still travel to meet Ji-woo whenever he wants to.

Seo-joon mentions that even though they had very different personalities, he fell for Ji-woo instantly, and will never let go of him despite their many struggles. Ji-woo narrates Seo-joon’s trauma about breaking glass which dates back to Seo-joon’s second project as a child actor.

Back then, Ji-woo had to play the role of a depressed patient on the verge of committing suicide. Because of the gravity of the role and is set alone in a depressing environment, Seo-joon’s senses are piqued. Suddenly one of the spot lamps on set breaks and Seo-joon ends up suffering a trauma.

Present day, Ji-woo reassures Seo-joon that he would be okay and that they have each other now. They start making out and eventually are disturbed by Da-kyung. Following that night, they fall asleep in each other’s arms. Seo-joon is happy going to work and for the time being, Pil-hyun is the actor’s manager and driver.

The Director of the movie is replaced by the Assistant Director and Seo-joon is back as the main lead. Seo-joon video calls Ji-woo whenever he is at work. Sung-yoon finally leaves the village to head back to the states. Ji-woo is finally happy working at the restaurant.

Pil-hyun and Ho-min join the couple for a meal at the restaurant and the four catch up. After the two have left, Seo-joon and Ji-woo clear out the restaurant and fight over taking the trash out. As they open the door, they find a gift left by Sung-yoon. She has made them matching bracelets.

Seo-joon jokes about making Ji-woo wear both the bracelet and the necklace, leading to the couple playfully bickering. One day, Seo-joon is surprised by Ji-woo as the chef drives the actor to work on his day off. Ji-woo helps Seo-joon with his handkerchief when he has spilt something on himself.

The actor asks who the handkerchief belongs to when Ji-woo mentions that Pil-hyun had given it to him at his parent’s funeral. Seo-joon states that the handkerchief was his, one that he had given to Pil-hyun to a boy who was crying. Ji-woo is not ready to believe it but Seo-joon continues to persuade him to believe that their universes are somehow connected.

The Episode Review

The show has been a rocky ride from episode 1 onwards. After loving Seo-joon and Ji-woo for their complicated but simple romantic journey, along to finding each other, I feel like Season 2 was a hit and miss from the makers. The season seemed unnecessary to a pretty well-concluded Season 1.

However, what’s not to like when two people are so in love with each other that nothing can keep them apart? Seo-joon’s sheer dedication to staying around Ji-woo until he takes the former back is very stalkerish in real life, but in the context of this story, I think it could work out.

I do feel that Pil-hyun really deserved better and that he was wronged both in Seasons 1 and 2 with a half-assed personal relationship. Sung-yoon was good but seemingly unnecessary addition but I understand the makers trying to show a change in Ji-woo’s sexual preferences and the grey area that leads us to wonder if he is actually gay or straight.

The show ended with another happy ending and I hope there are newer BL shows with a regular runtime as that of regular K-dramas due to the sheer dearth of more same-sex stories in the Korean drama genre.

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