Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Best Bud’s Secret / Let’s Go on a Date!

Episode 3 of Tomo-chan is a Girl begins with Tomo wondering why Misuzu and Jun didn’t bring up their previous relationship before. Tomo confronts Misuzu on the rooftop about it. Misuzu explains they only dated for three days and weren’t aware of her feelings for him at the time.

Now that Tomo knows about her relationship with Jun, she explains what went down. Jun opened up to Misuzu during his second year of middle school. Misuzu tells Jun it would be a fun time but tells Tomo that her romance with Jun dwindled after several cycling trips. She was reaching her limit physically and mentally and wanted to end the relationship. However, Jun beat her to it, leaving a permanent scar on her life.

Misuzu reassures Tomo that she has no more feelings for Jun and only has hatred toward him. Tomo’s relieved by Misuzu’s words. Later, Misuzu confronts Jun about telling Tomo about their former relationship. She ponders if Jun dumped her because he possibly developed feelings for Tomo when after the event. Jun apologizes and says he’ll take full responsibility for his actions. Later, Jun and Tomo walk home, and Tomo asks him if he has any feelings toward anyone right now.

Jun makes it clear that he doesn’t have any feelings for anyone. The next day, Misaki bumps into Tomo and Jun. Jun’s surprised that Misaki is a guy, and when Misaki greets Jun, Jun chops him on the head. This angers Tomo, who retaliates by punching Jun in the face. Jun apologizes for his actions and properly introduces himself. When Misaki tells him he likes participating in karate, Jun says they should have a sparring session sometime.

Jun and Tomo head to their lockers and discuss Tomo’s involvement with Misaki. She explains that some things happened, resulting in her joining the boys’ karate club. After class, Tomo tells Jun that she can’t walk home with him today because she promised to spend time with Misuzu and Carol. Jun and Misaki wait at a bus stop together as Jun recalls Tomo telling him to work things out. On the bus, Misaki asks Jun if he’s interested in joining the boys’ club, and Jun says no.

He says he can’t beat Tomo and doesn’t want to lose. Jun admits he can only defeat her at her dad’s dojo, but in a match, with a ruleset, he’d lose. Jun says he often gets into fist-fights with Tomo, angering Misaki because he believes he shouldn’t fight girls. Jun admits Tomo likes taking fights seriously and that if he can beat her contests of strength, it’s due to his masculinity. In his mind, Jun starts warming up to Jun since they both look up to her.

During karate club, Misaki tells Tomo Jun didn’t do anything to him. Tomo admits she attempted to introduce Jun to other men she knew, but they were intimidated by his presence. Tomo tells Misaki she wishes Jun would see her as a girl instead of a guy. Jun intervenes in their conversation and asks to join in, intimidating Misaki. The segment concludes with Misaki feeling frightened as Tomo believes they’ve become great friends.

The next set piece starts with Mifune and Ogawa discussing Tomo’s appearance behind her back. Misuzu and Tomo interrupt their conversation, startling them. They leave the diner, and Tomo questions Misuzu about why they’d do such a thing. Misuzu explains that it’s because of the way Tomo’s dressed. Misuzu asks Tomo if she’s hung out with Jun lately. Tomo admits they haven’t been hanging out as much because she’s become weirdly self-conscious.

When Tomo stops hanging out with Jun, Misuzu warns her he might find someone else if she stops hanging out with him. Misuzu suggests Tomo should be the one to invite him to do things next time. Misuzu states going shopping together or participating in karaoke is a great idea. During class, Tomo asks Jun if he’d like to go out somewhere with her during the break. Jun’s delighted by her offer and accepts. Tomo meets with Misuzu again, and Misuzu tells her she must take it as a date.

Misuzu says they’ll be shopping with Carol to get Tomo some clothes for her date. At the shop, Tomo’s confuzzled while Misuzu and Carol discuss what to get her for the event. Misuzu suggests getting Tomo some slightly tomboyish clothing to prevent Jun from fleeing the date. Afterward, Tomo thanks Carol and Misuzu for their help. Misuzu asks Tomo to report on what happens after her date with Jun. Tomo meets Jun for their date while wearing the clothes Misuzu and Carol got her.

Jun’s not freezing up from her appearance. They attend multiple locations–from the batting center to a bowling alley. Tomo realizes she’s messing up and asks Jun to accompany her to the karaoke room. Jun eggs Tomo on to sing, but she refuses. He admits that the things she’d gotten him to participate in in the past were bonkers. Despite that, he always loved giving it a shot–thanks to her encouragement. Tomo chooses a children’s song and starts singing.

Jun whips out his phone and starts recording her without her realizing it. When she finishes up, she notices Jun giggling and yells at him for it. At school, Tomo tells Misuzu she sang children’s songs for three hours despite Jun not participating. Tomo admits that she’s embarrassed about the whole thing. Somewhere in the school, Jun wonders if he should delete the video. Misuzu and Carol ask to see the clip, but Tomo rushes them away.

Jun rewatches the clip and notices something different about Tomo. The episode concludes with Misuzu, Carol, and Tomo singing songs in the karaoke room.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Tomo-chan is a Girl had a great blend of comedy and wholesomeness. It was intriguing to learn more about Misuzu and Jun’s former relationship and see what led to the two cutting it off. The tension between Misaki and Jun was great, though it would’ve been great if Misaki had more of a backbone. While there are times when he shows some resentment toward Jun’s words, he pulls back.

Likewise, it would’ve been great if Tomo or Jun had significant competition for the other’s heart. Tomo’s conversation with Jun and Misaki in the first segment semi-alludes to this occurring later. However, it would be great if we saw more drama between Misaki and Jun to keep us on our toes. The second half provided folks with enough situational humor to keep them interested.

At the same time, I wish things would’ve felt more natural regarding her internal decision to visit the karaoke room. The time they spend in the karaoke room evokes charm and delight. Singing in front of the one you love takes immense courage. Although Tomo makes a fool of herself by singing a children’s song, it helps her convey her point to Jun. It was a touching scene that works wonders for her based on Jun’s reaction to the clip at the episode’s conclusion.

Overall, this was a fun chapter of Tomo-chan is a Girl. Some things felt rushed and weren’t as fleshed out as I’d liked. However, Tomo’s efforts at persuading Jun of her feminine appeal continue to delight. Let’s hope the show can add some more natural drama and obstacles in our protagonist’s way to make things more engaging.

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