Tomo-chan Is A Girl – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Tomo’s Skirt / The School Idol

Episode 2 of Tomo-chan is a Girl begins with Tomo and Jun traveling somewhere via a bus. Tomo’s upset that Jun doesn’t treat her like a girl.

Suddenly, a strange man starts groping Tomo from behind. Tomo wants to punch him, but she wants Jun to do something about it. Jun notices and approaches the man. Later, they take a stroll in the park and Tomo informs us that Jun reported the guy to the authorities. Jun tells Tomo she shouldn’t wear skirts anymore.

The next day, Tomo tells Misuzu everything that went down yesterday. Misuzu isn’t happy that Tomo got groped. Misuzu calms down and asks Tomo to continue her tale. In a flashback, Jun tells Tomo to wear slacks because skirts don’t fit her. Tomo knocks Jun out because of his one-off comment. In the present, Misuzu tells Tomo that Jun might have phrased it like that because he doesn’t want to see Tomo get groped again.

Misuzu finds it strange that Tomo’s wearing long shorts underneath and asks her to take them off for a while. Tomo is against it, but Misuzu tells her it’s normal for girls to wear underwear underneath. Misuzu comforts Tomo by telling her how she wears her, indicating that it’s a normal thing for girls to do. Later, Misuzu meets Jun and informs him that she knows what happened between him and Tomo. Misuzu tells him that Tomo wants to walk home with him and is waiting downstairs.

Tomo’s shown holding down her skirt, and Jun’s shocked to see her without her shorts. They walk with each, and Tomo apologizes to Jun for hitting him. They held onto a bus, and Jun realizes it was filled with men. He’s worried they’ll try groping Tomo because she’s no longer wearing shorts. Thankfully, nothing happens, and the two wind up walking down the same path from yesterday. The wind current picks up tension and blows Tomo’s skirt up. Jun sees Tomo’s trousers and faints.

They sit on a bench. Jun apologizes to Tomo because he believes it wasn’t right for him to tell Tomo what she shouldn’t wear. At gym class, Misuzu asks Tomo how everything went, and Tomo says it went horribly wrong. She asks Tomo if Jun saw her underwear, and Tomo says he dropped like a rock after seeing them. Later, Misuzu approaches Jun and mocks him for his embarrassing actions. Jun meets up with Tomo and invites her to have lunch with him.

The segment concludes with Misuzu looking at them from afar and commenting on their progress. The next set piece follows a girl named Carol Olston, who seems to get a lot of attention from male students. Tomo remarks on how Carol receives the same attention every day and wonders how she can achieve the same. Misuzu says that her looks and English background make her appear premium in front of men. Misuzu also says her defenseless personality is another factor.

Tomo leaves class and ponders Misuzu’s words. Tomo wonders if she should become friends with Carol to obtain knowledge from her. Suddenly, Misaki and Carol approach her, and he reveals that Carol’s a distant relative of his and were close friends since they were little. Carol jokes about being engaged to Misaki, but he assures Tomo that she’s kidding. Carol reveals she’s not interested in any of the guys in their class. Tomo worries Carol thinks she’s a guy despite her skirt. We get a montage of Carol calling Tomo a “dummy.”

Misuzu realizes that Carol might be jealous of Tomo because she has a hunch he likes Tomo. Carol confronts Misuzu during class because she wants to ask her something. Misuzu lets Carol know she doesn’t like her and doesn’t plan to share anything dirty about her best friend. Carol entices Misuzu with cake and Misuzu offers to hear her out. Carol asks Misuzu for advice on defeating Tomo. Misuzu wonders how she can manipulate Carol and tells Carol that there is someone else who’d be better suited to help her out.

In the boy’s locker room, Jun notices Carol inside her locker. They decide to meet outside to avoid things feeling awkward. Carol asks Jun for ways to defeat an unnamed foe. She punches Jun to test her strength, and Jun’s unfazed. He promises to make her strong within a month to take down her opponent. Jun picks up Carol during class, and Tomo notices. She asks Misuzu what’s happening, and Misuzu proposes Carol and Jun might be a couple.

Carol and Jun begin their training while Tomo becomes starts becoming depressed. Tomo discovers Jun and Carol hugging each other. Tomo grabs Jun and asks him what he’s doing with Carol in an intimidating fashion. Carol watches and recalls Misuzu’s words about sticking close to Jun to discover Tomo’s weakness. Carol tells Tomo she’s lost the battle and no longer wants to be her enemy. Carol departs and meets up with Misuzu.

They go for a ride in her limo, and Misuzu tells Carol to fork over her end of the bargain. Carol and Misuzu arrive at a bake shop and dine on some cake. She asks Misuzu if they’re friends now because she doesn’t have any. Misuzu suggests Carol to ask Tomo to be her friend. Inside, Misuzu feels Carol would serve as a motivator for Tomo. At school, Carol meets up with Tomo and tells her she wants to be her friend. Tomo accepts Carol’s offer, delighting her.

Misuzu gets asked a similar question and accepts Carol’s friendship because she’s rich. Tomo and Jun discuss Misuzu and Carol, and he tells Tomo they’re popular with the guys. He makes an offhand comment about Misuzu’s looks, angering Tomo. He tells Tomo he doesn’t have a thing for Misuzu but notes that they used to date in middle school. The episode concludes with Tomo having a puzzling look on her face.

The Episode Review

Tomo-Chan Is A Girl delivers another fun episode for audiences and ends with a decent twist. Carol feels like a fine addition to our cast and gives Tomo some competition. Although it seems she’ll be relegated to a supporting role in this tale, it was nice having Tomo compete with someone for Jun’s heart. On that note, learning about Jun and Misuzu’s previous romantic outing was exciting.

Although it’s fair to say these characters no longer harbor feelings for each other, it isn’t farfetched to speculate if either character has dormant affection for the other. Either way, it’ll be intriguing to see Tomo bring this up with Misuzu soon. It could give us more insight into Misuzu and Jun’s characters. The comedy was mild compared to the previous chapter.

The gags with Tomo’s skirt were great, but the humor surrounding Carol’s physique felt a tad cliche. The former addresses a serious issue most girls face in the real world, so it was great to see the groper get his just desserts. From a comedic perspective, the episode did its best to brighten viewers’ days.

Overall, this was a fun chapter with good jokes. It gave our cast substantial development and left viewers with things to ponder. Hopefully, the anime can give us insight into Misuzu and Jun’s previous relationship. Building upon Tomo’s character would be equally appreciative. I expect the series will introduce more obstacles for Tomo to defeat on her path to win Jun’s heart.

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